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Al-Qaeda has succeeded in finding a way to smuggle in bombs without getting caught and it involves putting bombs in places you can’t even think of.  Check the flipside for the details.After a failed bombing in a Saudi Palace aimed at killing Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counter terrorism operations, bombers took a trick from the drug trade and put the explosives in their rectum.  That’s your a** to all the slow mofos out there who bypassed a vocab lesson.  The explosives and detonator which were inserted in the terrorists’ rectums were unsuccessful at killing the Prince but successful at passing security which didn’t pick up on the explosives hiding place.

Now that the bombers have discovered this new technique, it could cause a trip to the airport to include strip searches.  A flight security consultant says that if the bombs were successfully carried on the plane and armed during a flight with the altitude and small space in a plane, it could be catastrophic.  There is no current security system to detect bombs hidden in the rectums of travelers meaning that security would have no option other than requiring travelers to strip naked.

The word on this new technique to smuggle bombs is spreading and al-Qaeda is already working on releasing internet videos, teaching the technique.



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