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Halle Berry Accuses Ex Of Using N-Word, Changing Daughter’s Features

NOW it makes sense why Halle is back with the brothas.

According to a report in Rolling Out, Halle Berry took ex-husband Gabriel Aubry to court for being a racist piece of sh!t. The Oscar award winning actress and mother presented the court with a note that Aubry wrote where he describes her as a “ni**er”.

Moreover, Halle believes that Aubry is trying his best to erase all physical features that make their daughter Nahla appear of African-American descent. Aubry is accused of altering both Nahla’s hair texture and color to straight and blonde to make her look more “european”.

“I strongly feel that Gabriel’s same underlying attitude is at the root in the changes which only he could have been causing to our daughter’s hair.”

“I continue to worry about the potential psychological and physical damage to Nahla that can be caused by the use of chemical hair treatments and the psychological message that it conveys to Nahla, and to implore the court to put a stop to Gabriel’s attempts to alter our daughter’s appearance and most probably cause her to wonder why her natural appearance is not good enough.”

The judge appeared to agree with her:

“The racial epithet made by Petitioner [Gabriel Aubry] was and is completely and totally unacceptable. Nahla is a child of both of these parents, making this sort of comment about Respondent [Halle Berry] affect the very core and being of Nahla. And when Petitioner attacked Respondent for what she is and who she is, he was attacking Nahla because Nahla is part Respondent. And Nahla is part Petitioner. So when Petitioner did those things, that does serious damage to Nahla because he is attacking her core being, who she is.”

Ultimately the judge ruled that neither Halle, nor Gabriel, would be allowed to change Nahla’s features from their natural state.

What a f**kin’ clown. Not wonder Halle’s other ex Olivier Martinez whooped Aubry’s azz. We bet not see Halle with one more of *these* douchebags.


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