Plies – Not Again

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s Plies new album cover. Damn, this mf’s fugly even with 90% of his face covered up. Listen at your own risk, we don’t have high expectations for this one.

Shout out to icedotcom

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  • num1dominicano


  • num1dominicano

    damn….that’s 2 firsts today…sheet..

  • num1dominicano

    ….too late..


    he sure is ugly

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    WTF is up with ninjas nowadays

    im sure he will find a way to justify this


  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    my bad it says Goon…

  • you would like to know


  • DaPro

    It says Goon. It looks like coon but it’s goon

  • Bonnie

    So this is what “music” and “rap” albums are coming to these days? Just straight foolishness…

  • lala

    lol its funny how they put ne-yo on the track now everybody in traffic around me sing it BUST IT! Bay-Bay! lmao…but really…why does he have on that sticky bandits mask again?

  • lala

    and why does it look like i could just slide a toilet training seat right under his ass…hmm

  • Earth Sign

    LOL. What is the definition of a bust it baby. Just curious

  • Air

    He looks like he is taking a dump!!!!!!!!!!


    Plies can kick rocks… Im from FLA and I used to be a HUGE fan, but I met him at a Quiznos, and that man, scratch that, that boy was RUDE as hell!!! He wouldnt take a pic, sign an autograph or nothing.. As soon as I got in the car I threw his cd out the window… F*CK PLIES!!!!!

  • Earth Sign

    What is the definition of a bust it baby? Is it a term of endearment?

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    . As soon as I got in the car I threw his cd out the window… F*CK PLIES!!!!!


    lol, hell yea.

  • cns

    Is that ugly chain photo-shopped around his neck.

  • homie

    Damn, I can’t believe cats with college degrees acting like this!! I guess he studied the hell out of marketing 101.

  • Brie

    LMAO at the comment- I agree 100%

  • yoyo

    wow…he actually is makin a second album.

  • Dum

    Is he taking a dump in this photo?

    Or is this a position he has gotten used to after a few stins in the Big House?

    I know that face thingie is an attempt (!) to look like a robber, but he looks more like that gay leather daddy in Pulp Fiction, you know, the one they bring out of a cage on a leash in the rape scene.

  • Whatever

    a busss–it baby is a hoe that you call whenever you need to bust-a…

  • Whatever

    Oh, yeah and the cover is horrible. The pose looks ape-ish. Somehow he managed to squat like that while still showing his pants hanging off his @ss. And at first glance it looks like his chain says coon.

  • Whatever

    Two definitions of goon(from the merriam-webster):

    1: a stupid person

    2 a: a man hired to terrorize or eliminate opponents b: enforcer 2b

    which fits best?

  • Sweet Sable

    @ Whatever….I’m going to go with #1 (a stupid person)…he looks like he might be missing a chromosome or three…

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