Who is Responsible for “”Baby Thugs?” Black Men, Black Women, Hip-Hop, The White Man??????

- By Bossip Staff

The murder of honor student Derrion Albert has touched a nerve among a lot of people and we want to get some of your thoughts on “what’s really going on” in our communities. Who is to blame for 3 out of 4 Black babies being born without a “good father” present?

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  • Lisa


  • Ms. Littlejohn

    We all need to do our part.

  • Royal Chocolate

    There’s a lot of work to be done to fix this issue.

  • charlieblanko

    lol@the poll answers…lmao

  • charlieblanko

    lol@people saying black women or black men…voting either or…

  • sepiaesthetica

    We are ALL to blame! 😦

  • oohyummy

    Everybody is the blame! PEOPLE are only concerned with themselves, they dont have compassion,common sense and simply can care less!!example – these people talking about “FIRST” and have nothing else to say!SMH

  • resurrected

    I sat selfishness is the real murderer people are content with there own selfish lives… I just wonder what are those boys thinking now…

  • josh

    And i agree with mojojojo, color shouldnt come into it, it should just be “irresponsible men/women” rather than “black men/women”. Violence has nothing to do with color. (and im white btw).

  • soulwoman

    I like options 2 and 4 the most.

  • Miss B

    All take fault. Stop blaming on everyone else and hold ourselves accountable (sp).

  • franco

    black women offcourse. they are ghetto and have sh*tty attitude to produce this animals.

  • citiboi

    I didn’t understand until I was put in that situation. I got married with no kids to a strong black girlfriend of 7 years. She got pregnant on the honeymoon. My father wasn’t there much so I always told myself I would always be there for my kids. NOWWW, guess what, she to damn strong for me cuz. We always fuss and for what? Now my child will probably grow up in the hood cause I’m the bread winner and wifey keeps the babies. What’s a nig**tado? Get the baby on weekends and pay child support?

  • Kierah

    Playing the blame game gets us nowhere. Solutions people!

  • http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/kanye-west-entourage-fashion-week-paris.jpg Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    @Black Women

    If you KNOW that you’re dealing with a man that “ain’t sh*t” PLEASE wear a condom or use some sort of birth control!!!

    Come on now, you know when you’re dealing with a mature man that is of substance, has character & is about something and when you’re not… SMH

    Alright here’s the test = Can you “proudly” introduce him to your Grandmother and other important & significant people in your life???

  • E$

    Oh, the blame game…..I’ll say McDonalds. Stop Blaming someone for the choices YOU make in life

  • resurrected


    I agree I am the product of the hood but I never indentified with my environment and my mother was there for every decision and punishment….

  • resurrected


    black women offcourse. they are ghetto and have sh*tty attitude to produce this animals.

    And still you came form one what does that say about you… I am tried of men who mother probably was the only who stayed and cared for you black azz to be so cyincal… I don’t have children yet but some of these men on here make me want to think twice about having a boy…For real….

  • di-my-e-is always SMDH @ fakeness


    Oh, the blame game…..I’ll say McDonalds. Stop Blaming someone for the choices YOU make in life


    I’m lovin’ it! (your comment, not the artificial food, lol)

  • white male

    I blame rap music.

  • Medievalpoetry


    I co-sign, but easy on the capslock girl.

  • http://bossip shelia

    Black men and Black women are both to blame. I would never have a child with a No good man but unfortunately this is all these women have to mate with.

  • Atl_Finest

    I say it start with women. Most of the time right after they breed these little monsters, they are single by the time they go into labor. Most of the time these women like BET’s Frankie have over 5 baby daddies. At what point do you take responsibility for your body.

  • copycat

    It is in the DNA….Blacks are predisposed to a certain way of living…most white people think we are cursed from HAM in the bible….but even the white supremist website Stromfront cant compare with how we talk to and about one another. It IS SELF HATRED. BLACK PEOPLE HATE BEING BLACK. It is a Curse and It is NOT going away. And it starts with the MAN.

  • LB

    BLACK WOMEN: YOU ALL,always say THAT what YOU DO with YOUR BODY is YOUR CHOICE alone! SO if YOU DECIDE(alone) to become pregnant(alone) and to HAVE A BABY(alone) how is that now the man’s fault that you raised an monster?Just like the saying goes you can’t make a Ho into a housewife,you can’t make a bum/thug/hoodlum into a husband!!! Most men if presented with the option of having a baby will say they want the woman to have an abortion.Yes, it may sound harsh but it is real talk. In response most women will say hell no I am having the baby so since YOU CHOOSE THAT,then ultimately,YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! Don’t give that ca-ca about men needing to step up to raise a child they help make when the man is telling you he doesn’t want it OR YOU KNOW that the man you are screwing is no damn good & you still DO IT! BLACK WOMEN DECIDE to have a baby for all the wrong reasons EXCEPT for Love! We see it everyday;women having babies to keep a man who doesn’t want them,women having babies to get more public assistance,women having babies alone because their feministic upbringing makes them THINK they are better at being FATHER’S than men are. Everyday women play themselves trying to pin another man’s baby on the decent man who provides FOR HIS KIDS and fulfills his responsibilities!!! I even seen some women get mad a decent man who DOESN’T WANT to pay for another man’s kid and the women take it as a personal slight,like men should be HAPPY TO BE OBLIGATED to pay for another fools kid(f-that!), while the no good bastard she opened her legs to goes right along on his merry way serendipulously with no respnsibility!!We see the evidence of this ignorant behavior everyday on the Maury Show:”IN THE CASE OF 7 MONTH OLD FARTAVIOUS DASHOWN,RAHEIM,YOU ARE-NOT THE FATHER!!!! This foolishness began with the crack epidemic and continues to today! when are these birds gonna take responsibility for their actions!

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