Terry Crews Has The Perfect Response For A Mole-Faced Cretin That Babbles Bigotry His Way

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Terry Crews Is Still Being The Hero Hollywood Doesn’t Deserve

Terry Crews has long been beloved by many, but since he bravely came out to discuss his time being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood big wig, he’s taken a much different role than most might expect of an actor of his caliber. Since following many women and speaking up about his own situation led by an abuse of power, Crews hasn’t stopped supporting others and clapping back at people who are spewing their ignorance all over the internet.

It’s not surprising that among all of the dummies that roam the earth, Terry would be met with some pushback after admitting that another man groped him at a Hollywood event. There definitely hasn’t been a shortage of people who think being assaulted has something to do with Crews’ sexual preference, and one of those ignorant tweeters was educated in front of everyone this weekend.

A twitter user comically named, “iBeSuckaFree” (spoiler alert, he ain’t sucka free) commented on how he supposedly “understands” people who are scared to come out of the closet, and then proceeds to call Terry Crews—who has never come out and is married to a woman—a fa**ot.

Crews wasn’t just gonna let this one slide, and he promptly took the time to educate this man about his haterism.


Mr. Suckafree can learn a thing or two (or a million) from The always eloquent Terry Crews. Listen to Terry and get out of that ridiculous mindset!


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