MJ’s Kids Doing Just Fine… Now Moving On, Will Someone Cut This Boy’s Hair

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Jackson’s three children were seen in LA with their nanny Grace Rwaramba and a few other family members. We’re not trying to come for Blanket but isn’t it time for a trip to the barber?

More pics under the hood folks

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  • Nique


  • shar

    Run a comb through it first.



  • m

    give katherine a pass. it’s a new thing to her, raising white kids.

  • shar

    It looks matted. Sorry but I hate it when kids are allowed these strange hairstyles which look dirty – they are kids and need parental guidance.

  • Nique


    LOL. The girl looks very mature for her age.

  • shar

    Talking of hair, uncle Jermaine was at the Mobo Awards – what is up with his hair. Is it glued on, spray painted, or coloured in with crayola. Mama Katharine needs to go after him too.

  • shar

    Or is it just plain boot polish?

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  • Trixxie

    Damn Blanket! cut that mess on ya head

  • ...*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOdoe*...(hate the AM shift)

    rasta vibrations.lol

  • http://lisalisa602003@yahoo.com leelee

    The other children in
    photo look like Tito
    & maybe Jermaine’s son.
    Just guessing.

  • Trixxie

    BTW heard MJ had a son(biological) about 25 yrs old with a white gal 4m europe or something anybody know about that

  • jus say n

    He’s going for the blanket look.


    His hair just needs a little combing lol his eyebrows need shaving tho

  • tb

    I love me some MJ, but seriously, who did he really think was going to believe those White kids had black in them? Even Ray Charles can see that them kids are white.

  • Atl_Finest

    @TB………..I totally agree. Halle’s baby is 3/4 white & you can see the 25% black in that baby. Look at the “Off the Wall” album cover & look at those kids.

    I thought Katherine fired Grace last month??? I read that they were bumping heads about religion.

    I hate to say this but those kids will probably have a more normal life now that they are with regular people. The 2 crazies (Latoya & Jermaine) are too busy promoting themselves on the MJ death tour. I am glad they are around their cousins. A chance for a normal childhood.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    The children are CLEARLY not all white. Maybe as babies they looked white, but today, they look biracial. Only a country bumpkin would think these kids are all white.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    … they are darker than Beyonce and Rihanna… who both were once light brown…

  • http://www.yahoo.com Re

    That boy looks just like Chucky.

  • Shish

    @ tb

  • coolsteezyshawty

    lmao @ Re..that baby don’t look like no dag chucky..

  • lottaluvin

    Leave the boy alone..It’s just hair..

  • http://myspace.com/870bg bg( The Terminator)

    Damn somebody help the boy out. His toes look like they bout to jump over the edge of dem sandle boots and commit suicide!

  • waaat?

    that hair loks like it could make a doormat

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