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Nipsey Hussle Talks About His New Atlantic Deal With Complex

Nipsey Hussle recently sat down with Complex for a new interview, in which he talks all about his multiple business ventures rather than focusing on solely his music–though he did just announce that he finished his upcoming album, Victory Lap, just this week. Throughout his whole career Nipsey has been known as an artist who always innovates whenever he puts out music, or eve during his hiatuses where it seems like he’s focusing more on other aspects of his businesses. He owns The Marathon brand and a storefront in Crenshaw, along with being a new partner with cryptocurrency app Followcoin. Now, the rapper has a new deal with Atlantic Records, and he talked to Complex all about that, and his other lucrative business deals.

On his new partnership with Atlantic: “Basically, it’s a strategic partnership to take the next steps with the Nipsey Hussle story. It’s between the company All Money In, which I’m a part owner in, and Atlantic Records for services of Nipsey Hussle. It’s not a traditional artist to a label signing, you know what I mean? It’s more of us partnering with Atlantic and utilizing their specialties and their strengths to move what we’ve been doing to the next platform in terms of recognition, fan base, access to radio, access to retail, and utilize their staff, and tapping into a specialist.

On his Marathon Clothing store: “The goal is to have 10 retail spaces in my top 10 markets, where we have the most traction. And then to be able to do what we did with Crenshaw, but in 10 different locations. Instead of doing pop-ups at clothing stores and shoe markets, we got a Marathon retail network across the country or across the world. When I drop my next project with Atlantic involved, we’ll do traditional retail—Best Buy, Target, whatever’s left. And then we’ll do a direct-to-consumer #Proud2Pay campaign, and we’ll use our retail spaces as the pop-up shops.

On working to please a small audience with his music rather than a million people: “So the goal would be, as a content creator, to create a piece of content that affects one person so much that they gotta go share it, and they become your marketing. They become the legs for what you’re doing. Because if you focus and zero in, you can inspire a person to a degree that they work for the movement. That’s not a night and day window. It’s not when they check run out, they stop campaignin’. They are inspired, and you planted somethin’ in ’em. They walk into a room, and if there’s nine people that don’t know about you, they feel like they got a dope opportunity to gain currency with nine people by puttin’ ’em on somethin’ dope.

You can read Nipsey’s entire interview here.


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