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Coffeehouse Brags About Gentrifying Neighborhood, Sparks Protest

Oh, hell-to-the-naw.

The Colorado coffeehouse chain has folks furious after throwing up sidewalk sign (the day before Thanksgiving) where they poked fun at pushing minorities out of the neighborhood. The chain, ink! displayed the sign, saying Happily Gentrifying The Neighborhood Since 2014.” On the back, the sign said: “Nothing Says Gentrification Like Being Able To Order A Cortado.”

The sign wouldn’t hit so hard if it wasn’t in a neighborhood that had been heavily populated by artists of color, but that changed recent;y, according to The Guardian. ink! has 15 locations in Denver, the store in question is located in the Five Points neighborhood, an area traditionally known as a home for artists and people of color that has been steadily becoming more white and middle-to-upper-class, due to gentrification.

Folks, like these fine people, slammed the coffee shop about the offensive sign.

After blacklash, this half-azz apology was posted to their official Facebook page:

“Hmmm. We clearly drank too much of our own product and lost sight of what makes our community great…We sincerely apologize for our street sign. Our (bad) joke was never meant to offend our vibrant and diverse community. We should know better. We hope you will forgive us.”

HMMM. The apology was watered down and folks are still out there protesting their insufferable java.

Do you think this was an innocent mistake on the part of the coffee shop?


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