ASAP Bari Sued Over Filmed Sexual Assault

A$AP Mob Co-Founder A$AP Bari Sued For $1 Million Over Sexual Assault Caught On SnapChat

- By Bossip Staff

ASAP Bari Sued Over Filmed Sexual Assault

A$AP Mob cofounder, A$AP Bari is facing a million dollar lawsuit stemming from an alleged sexual assault that took place in London on July 9th.

The tape is pretty damning, and briefly went viral on Instagram late last summer before getting scrubbed due to its graphic nature. The virality of the clip also caused Nike to drop their VLONE deal with Bari due to the outrage.

In the clip, a young white woman is seen under the hotel sheets with another man, presumably an associate of Bari’s. Bari and another man burst in on her, both recording with their phones, and Bari exclaims, “You f**ked my assistant, now you are going to f**k me.”

She screams no, as Bari pulls the sheets off the bed to expose her naked body. Audibly crying, the woman says “Seriously Bari, stop,” as she flees to the restroom.

Both Bari and the other associate continue to record her, and Bari can be seen slapping her on her naked behind as she passes, and saying “Get to the bathroom. I’m going to f**k you, you are going to suck my d**k,” as he follows her.

The footage cuts off there.

However, TMZ reports that in newly filed court documents, the woman claims she then begged Bari to let her go as she was terrified that he planned to rape her. She says he eventually threw her out naked into the hotel hallway.

The woman, who goes by “Jane Doe” in her suit, says she immediately reported the incident to hotel security and asked them to call cops. However, when police arrived they deleted the footage from Bari’s phone — although apparently not from the other man’s, as he eventually posted it to social media. She also claims that Bari’s legal counsel pressured her to release a statement saying that there was no assault, but she refused.

She is now suing him for well over $1 Million.

SMH! We have no idea why the police were unresponsive to a naked crying white woman’s claims…but maybe things are different overseas. However, the footage definitely shows what it shows…we doubt that Bari will easily avoid paying out on this one. But, time will tell…




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