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Ashanti recently performed at R&B Live – held in a secret location. Other guests included Anthony Anderson, Angel Lola Lov & Tony Rock. We honestly don’t quite understand the point of the secrecy. That’s usually expected for folks in the know, not a bunch of D-Listers.


More pics from the top secret soiree under the hood

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  • mojojojo195


  • Kim

    ASHANTI’S NEW MUSIC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim


  • guilty pleasure

    Free looks OLD…..

  • Kamee'

    ……Angels make-up always looks a bit porcelain doll-ish. She is a beautiful girl, but never looks like a natural beauty. Kinda clownish.

    you can sholl tell Free ain’t getting no money anymore. Poor thang. I liked her too. Her verse on ying yangs Whisper remix was this biz!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Damn! Free has been looking really JACKED UP lately. What’s up with that?

    Why was this a secret? I doubt if people would have been breaking their necks to get to this shin dig. SMH!!!

  • I'm Just Me

    WOW… I love Ashanti but true, why the big secret? For Irv Gotti. I mean please. The only one checking for him are the Feds and the IRS. Please. I do love me some Anthony Anderson though. He is a great look! Tony Rock cracks me up too!

  • Smiley Face

    Free looks old because she is old. She must be in her mid to late 40’s.

  • bree

    ewww..who is the monster behind Ashanti?..

    Irv? i thought he & Shani weren’t ‘friends’?

    why is Free’s face SUPER SWOLE?..she can’t be pregnant, that isn’t juice in the glass.

  • Saucy

    Angel is a pretty girl. She didn’t need any enhancements. Why did she go and mess up her body like that? I know there are guys who like the look, but IMO she looks deformed. She’s ill-proportioned.


    lmao. only 14 comments for ashanti but over 500 for KIM K?!?!


  • Riley

    @ kimara

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I hate her hair.

  • Reyna

    Ashanti looks cute. Is that Irv Gotti’s mother behind him? Free looks swolle and broke.

  • The Devil Is A Liar

    Ashanti, since your career seems to be over, you could possibly be reading this blog about you. In case you are reading it. I have to say something to you …. GO AWAY ASHANTI. YOUR TIME IS UP.

  • Cheley Pop

    What’s up with Free?

  • that one girl

    I’m actually feeling the blonde streaks in her hair but not her music.

  • Octavia

    Maybe my monitor is broke, but Free looks okay to me. Especially for her age. No wrinkles or age spots…(???)


    Ashanti’s hair is a train wreck! It looks terrible and someone needs to order her or give her a damn lace front because if I see her with one more jacked up weave I am going feel the need to post my hair dresser’s number. I love Ashanti’s new song, but as for her career, its been over. I guess since Nelly’s so busy out cheating she has to occupy her time somehow. Poor thang

    And WTF is going on with Free? She has been spotted on numerous occasions looking like Oscar the Grouch. Get it together boo cause good black don’t crack!

  • Deitre

    People kill me hating on people. You don’t know these celebrities or what they’re about. I really doubt if they care how you think their hair looks. I doubt if she wants your hairdresser number as I’m sure she has them on call. And her career might be over, but has yours even began? What are you doing with your life? Working at a call center? Don’t hate on people you don’t even know, it just show signs of jealousy.

  • And...

    It looks like she’s really trying. If we hadn’t heard her before we’d think she was tearing it up.

    Maybe if she calms down, finds her sound & stop trying to do alot she can fool a few people and pull a few good songs out her ass.


    I love Ashantis neew song about killing her man but she is really over in singing. Once Beyonce released her solo with Crazy In Love Ashanti became history and was never ever able to fully return.

  • Naw Son


    Wish you were still on 106 and Park

  • Tela

    Free look like she is really going thru some thangs. Her body language is even different, she is all closed up and doesn’t look as confident as she used to be.

  • Sharie

    Why is her mouth always wide open? And why is she performing as if she is just blowin down the house? Everybody knows she cant sing….. it’s a wrap Ashanti…


    Loved the performance she rocked it as well as Lloyd and it wasn’t a secret…I heard about it on the radio all week long maybe b/c the event was held in NY that’s why EVERYBODY didnt hear about it but it was definitely advertised…

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