Saltine Sallies: A Countdown Of The Most Beckiest Beckies To Ever Becky

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Beckiest Beckies Ever

Becky. It can be a noun. It can be a verb. It can be an adjective. It’s all of the above. So vague yet so very clear. You either know what a Becky is or you don’t. That’s why this post is for the real ones. So without further ado, here are the 15 Beckiest Beckies to Ever Becky. Enjoy.

15. Ann Coulter – Her cold, dark, unseasoned heart is powered by Beckyful hatred. Yuck.

14. Rachel Dolezal -She tried to UnBecky herself but we found out she was a Becky and she couldn’t Becky her way out of it.

13. The woman who complained about Demetria Ogilor’s banging body. Becky on your own time, ma’am.

12. Iggy Azalea – Where do we start? She is rap’s biggest Becky who got deleted but claimed it was her Beckiness that caused it. Nah, Becky.

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11. Kim Zolciak – She Beckied back onto RHOA but couldn’t handle when someone UnBeckied her Becky

Phil Lewis/

10. Caitlyn Jenner – She said she was about LGBT rights then Beckied her way into a MAGA hat. If you don’t sitcho…

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    Kendall Jenner Arrives to Her Birthday Dinner at Petite Restaurant

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    9. Kendall Jenner – Remember when she Beckied a Pepsi in order to Becky Black Lives Matter

    8. Kellyann Conway – She’s been Beckying for Y’all President for ages and we’re damn tired of it

    7. Amy Schumer – She’s Lena Dunham’s Becky Bestie who bites Beyonce and Beckies jokes from black people

    6. Megyn Kelly – Remember she Beckied about Santa Claus being white and continues to Becky NBC’s ratings? Ugh

    5. Lena Dunham – She is an unfunny Becky who Beckied by Odell Beckham (no relation) and got mad he didn’t want to talk to her. Then she Beckied to the utmost Beckiness by accusing a BLACK woman of lying about rape.

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    4. Sarah Huckabee Sanders – Eternal Becky who stands behind a podium and Beckies the whole cotBecky country to death with lies and hyperBeckulinity.

    katy perry snl

    3. Katy Perry – Remember when she Beckied with Migos by Beckydabbing looking like a damn fool?

    2. Tammy Lo Mein – This crusty kale-faced candy a$$ Becky is low-grade Becky and needs to Becky her way out of our lives

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    1. Taylor Swift – She beckied on stage and then continued to Becky for damn near a decade after Kanye challenged her Beckiness. Then she Beckied Beyonce’s swag and refuses to Unbecky the alt-Beckies who love her.

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