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Racist Va. Man Let Off For Murder

A Virginia man just got away with murder after pleading insanity in court for his race motivated murdering of a Black woman. The ex-computer scientist,  Matthew R. Ellis, 27, was charged last spring with a hate crime in a attack on a young black woman who was yanked from her vehicle by the ankles according to The Richmond Times Dispatch. Ellis followed her vehicle, yelling racial slurs at her and told her he was going to kill her. He did.

Ellis also replied “yes” when one of the officers asked if wanted to hurt the woman because of her race.

Ellis’ attorney called evidence in his “insanity” defense “overwhelming”.

Reportedly, two mental health professionals — including one for the prosecution — who concluded Ellis was insane at the time of the May 3 incident in Chester. “The reports indicated that Mr. Ellis was suffering from bipolar disorder, and this was a manic episode with psychotic features,” Ellis said.

This is crazy! Would you feel safe with this RACIST TERRORIST living freely in your town???


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