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Sit down haters!

Donna Explains Her Horrible “Black Ink Crew” Tatt

After she became the subject of fodder for that horrid gangrene adjacent tattoo on the “Black Ink Crew” premiere, Donna’s got an explanation.

As previously reported the tattoo artist did a coverup tatt on a new customer who wanted to wipe away the memories of her ex-boyfriend that included a scar on her ankle.

The customer enlisted Donna for the job to “black it out” and black it out she did—-into a botched frostbitten mess complete with flowers and butterfly blotches.

At least we think they’re butterflies…

Girl, what?!

According to Donna, however, her critics have it all wrong, and we should study different tatt techniques.

“I need my tattoo “critics” to do their research on new & different tattoo techniques,” wrote Donna. “I am an artist.”

Let’s be very clear here. Donna’s fun to watch and one of the standouts on the show with her fearless transparency about her personal life and entertaining antics around 135th—-but that tattoo was NOT the business, boo boo.

We’ll tune in next week though!

What’d YOU think about Donna’s “Black Ink Crew” premiere tattoo?



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