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An NYT Op-Ed Suggests Trump Is An Accidental Buddhist, And People Aren’t Having It

Ben Dolnick, a writer for the New York Times, is getting completely obliterated on this fine Friday afternoon after an opinion piece he published about the Cheeto-crusted chump-in-chief. The title of the piece is “Donald Trump, Accidental Buddhist” which is already problematic, but when the NTY Opinion account tweeted another caption with the link to the article it made things even worse.

This is Twitter–so seeing a headline like this definitely isn’t going to drive people to go and actually read an article. Off of the suggestion alone that Trump might have any sort of grasp of Buddhist teachings, the New York Times and the author of the piece are being dragged back to journalism school.

Though some people in the replies are saying that the headline doesn’t necessarily reflect the point of the entire piece, most didn’t make it past the idea that Trump doesn’t have a personality disorder or that he preaches anything taught in Buddhism.

Hit the flip to see even more people dragging Ben Dolnick, the NYT writer who thought this story was a good idea. One thing is for sure–if Donald Trump was ever a Buddhist, he would believe in karma, and we can only hope that he’s got a lotttttt of bad karma coming back at him very soon.



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