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Youtuber Almost Dies From Cementing His Head Inside A Microwave

Welp. Here we are. A young man on Youtube by the name of TGFbro nearly died this week after putting his head inside of a cement-filled microwave. With 3 million subscribers and videos under his belt like “I SET MYSELF IN JELLO OVERNIGHT” and “JET POWERED FIDGET SPINNER TO THE FACE,” this latest video is part of his “extreme Christmas calendar” series, which is just as stupid as it sounds.

For anyone who understand the concept of cement, it’s not surprising that sticking your head in a microwave filled with it would result in you not being able to breathe and later calling the Fire Department–which is exactly what happened. I’m mad I even gave this guy another view that he’ll probably get like 18 cents for.


Judging from the accents in the video–and the fact that they dialed “999” for the police–it seems like this video was filmed in the UK…so America is off the hook this time. The confusing part is wondering how these individuals thought this video was going to end, if not with calling help and having to chisel their bro’s head out of cement…..

Reactions to the video are just as you might expect.



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