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Woman Describes Her Experiences Have Sex With A Ghost

Some people believe that ghosts exist, and others aren’t as convinced. Before today, most people who believed in ghosts probably (read: hopefully) didn’t consider doing something like trying to have sex with said spirits–but there’s always that one….

27-year-old Amethyst Realm–I’m guessing that’s not her birth name–went on the British ITV show This Morning to discuss her experiences after claiming that she has had sex with over 15 ghosts. In the interview, Ms. Realm explained that since moving into a new house with her fiancé 12 years ago, she’s done the dirty with at least 15 spirits. If you’re wondering, her fiancé reportedly left her after walking in on her in the act with a ghost.


The interview features Amethyst describing how exactly these encounters happen, and how she knows that she’s had sex with over 15 different ghosts. She also talks about how she would love to get pregnant by a spirit one day, so she’s really doubling down on this whole “sex with ghosts” thing.

Good luck to you on your interesting journey, ma’am…



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