Real Housewives vs. Real Women

- By Bossip Staff

A new reality show based in Atlanta is in the mix.  A production party went down last night to promote a new series called “Real Women.”  We hear they pitched the show to Bravo TV and it involves 4 black women and one male who is supposed to be a bootleg Dwight. 

As if RHOA wasn’t ENOUGH… Flip the Hood for More

Looks like the women of Atlanta got tired of those broke fake housewives representing their city and decided to show the world how real women of Atlanta live.  “Real Women” is a reality series being shopped around to networks that focuses on the lives of three successful black business women and one white woman out of Atlanta.

Those women include Cade Shawn a successful realtor, Jamilah Rouse an accountant who owns her own accounting firm, Krista Gable the token whitey who owns the infamous House nightclub in Underground Atlanta, and Nicole Massiah – Brown who owns a pastry restaurant called Krumbs.

Each woman holds their own and makes three or more figures without the help of their spouses. Sounds like these ladies may be on to something cause we are all tired of seeing broke women pose as housewives giving hardworking black women a bad name.

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  • Royal Chocolate

    All of them are FAKE!!

  • lattho

    I agree royal chocolate!!

  • LB


  • MyBlackisBeautiful

    ALL FAKE!! They really need to just stop the BS!!! The need to come to Brooklyn and do a show!! HA!

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Okay. Come On Now.
    This is a Bit Much.

  • tb

    That’s just wack.

    Garsh Kandi looks so out of place.

  • GoodKarma4Me

    I hate to say but NENE looks the best in that picture

  • Cynthia

    I am just happy to see people of color on TV!

  • Aunt Viv

    Who’s Real?
    Who’s Fake?
    WHO CARES?!?!?!

  • Shawnee

    As much as I do not like all of the girls on Real HouseWifes of ATL. These bammer girls do not have any
    thing on the Real House Wifes of ATL. Sitdown. They look like some broke down want to bee’s. Shawnee from DC.

  • Adrienne

    @other woman…I love your comment. DeShawn Snow was my favorite!!! I can’t wait until her new show airs!!!


    Just another bunch of nobodies trying to garner fake celebrity. GEESH! Enough is enough.

  • BooRae

    cathching is supposed to be: catching

  • BooRae

    stessing * stressing

    I’m a writer… so I re-read and correct
    “A Symphony for Rhikki Vol. 1: The Introduction”

  • BooRae

    By the way… that was a


  • YorkieLover

    I’ll atch it,if its good. But I do agree with Other Woman. I want to see some real black housewives, who can afford to be housewives. Black men who spoil their women and don’t mind their black wives staying at home.
    Its kinda messed up that thats more common in every other community except black. So thats why I want to see a show like that.
    Seems like nowadays,some black men would rather let a non-black woman stay at home than a black woman,who has to work or do something

  • tallglassofwater

    The money is not with the Atlanta housewives its all over here with the New York and Jersey ones…yes there money is very very long over this way

  • Leslie

    Isn’t the show called “Real Housewives…” why do people keep expecting housewives to be making all this money and doing all these things besides being top notch wives and mothers. You don’t become a housewife to start a business-you become an entrepreneur. Stop hating so much, let them do their thing and we should do ours.

  • mina

    For all of the negative comments about the cast of “The Real Women of Atlanta”, you need to get a grip. First of all do you know any of these people?? Did you come to the fantastic promotional event, they held at the Lamborghini Atlanta auto showroom? It was great!! I went,
    I met them and “I LIKE THEM”. Can’t wait to see their show. They are friendly, humble, inspiring, AND successful in their own ways.

    Any fool should know that you can only judge a person based the essence of the person, what makes them tick, what message are they bringing, what story they need to tell. And if any drama should come out of that, then you will get it.

    The “Atlanta Housewives” are getting old fast, too much tackiness, lies and trechery. I’m tired of hearing who did what to who regarding them, way too much bad press about these people.

    It will be refreshing to see the show of
    “The Real Women of Atlanta” who are putting in “REAL WORK”, busting it, making deals, running their own businesses, taking care of their families and making sacrifices. That’s why we need a show like “The Real Women of Atlanta”.

    It is time to show people with some
    “REAL VALUE” doing “REAL WORK”. Not women of the “Atlanta Housewives” with FAKE LIVES, FAKE CAREERS AND BIG POPPA”!!!

  • alfalfa

    Kandi looks like she taste like candy

  • juelz santana

    eeeeew…look at that pic with kandi–she look like she got a nut sack………..haaaa

  • MzThickWitIt

    LMAO at Sheree she looks likes shes been struck by lightning

  • Whaaaa

    Ditto Mina. Well said. Went to the event, met them, have done deals with more than 1 of them. They have real business. We need to see real, obtainable entreprenuers doing the dang thang.


    I’ll be glad when people get over all this ‘Housewives’ fascination. It’s gotten ri-gotdamn-diculous.

  • edrockster

    Krista rocks!

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