Illuminati Isht: Terry Crews Says His Family Is Being Tracked And Hacked By Hollywood Henchmen

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Terry Crews Says His Family Is Being Followed

Terry Crews has become one of the prominent male faces of the #MeToo movement after outing his experience of sexual harassment at the hands of Hollywood Agent Adam Venit.

While his bravery and honesty has landed him on the pages of Vanity Fair, Crews claims it has also placed himself and his family in a precarious position.

Now, just to have a record of things in the public eye, Terry is airing out his suspicion that Venit and heavy hitters who sympathize with him are targeting his family — hacking their personal computers, bugging their home, and physically following them. He even suggests that should he have an “unfortunate accident” anytime in the near future…all eyes should look to WME and Adam Venit.

And if you believe this sounds like a dash of paranoia, bear in mind that it wouldn’t be all that farfetched. Rumors have surfaced that after raping her and paying her off…Harvey Weinstein had Rose McGowan followed, routinely threatened and intimidated, and even hired someone to falsely befriend her and gain her trust to gather information he could use against her — permanently affecting her sense of safety and mental health.

This is Hollywood elitism and billions of dollars at work, after all. Women and men who speak out and help take down powerful men face far more risk of ruin than of any gain for sharing their stories…

What do you think of Terry’s revelation?


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