Nicki Minaj Angers People By Saying, “It’s A Great Time To Be A White Rapper,” Under Photo Of The iTunes Top 10 Chart

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Nicki Minaj Gets Hated On For Stating A Truth About The Rap Game

Nicki Minaj posted a screenshot last night that had everybody talking, but mostly because of her caption for the photo. The Queens native posted a photo of the iTunes top 10 charting Hip Hop/Rap songs in a now-deleted Instagram post.  It wasn’t the chart itself that got people talking,  but Nicki’s commentary on how the artists on the chart were predominantly white.

Her caption for the photo began, “It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America huh?” which is what sparked all of the internet trolls stomping through her comments  and telling her to delete the post. The songs listed were primarily by caucasian artists including Eminem, two songs by Post Malone, G Eazy, Macklemore, and Machine Gun Kelly.


She also insisted that she didn’t say anything wrong with all of the haters coming into her comments–she doubled down saying,  “It IS a great time to be a white rapper in America. I wanna sign one for my new label.” Though she shouldn’t have to clarify her statements (since they’re absolutely true), she didn’t say anything negative about the chart domination by white rappers, she simply stated what the chart itself already showed.

It’s hard for people to argue anything Minaj said, when the top 10 charts show only 2 songs by black artists assisting Nicki’s caption. Before she deleted the photo, she also responded to a lot of comments under the post defending her caption and saying that she wants to sign a white rapper.  Keep on fighting the good fight, sis.


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