Tyra Banks Showcases 9 Year Old Little Diva Davanna On America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13

- By Bossip Staff

Little Diva Davanna was on the Tyra Banks Show and was told some very exciting news. Diva is a young starlet who has been showcasing her black beauty around the country for some time now.

Pop the top and watch the little doll get the news broken to her about ANTM by Tyra herself

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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • Nique


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I sooo don’t agree! SCHOOL FIRST LITTLE ONE! That’s all it should be for right now anyway!


    tyra’s is trying to catch them young and turn them into little tyra’s. hopefully their moms wont let them become egotistic but they are very cute

  • kasha

    That’s ridiculous…All that damn weave and makeup on a nine year old…future hoodrate babymamma ho!!

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Who the hell wants their 9 yr old too be a diva…..and why is she wearing weave….LOL damn her parents could have kept her hair natural~

  • Ty

    @Kasha – Awesome and on point. I agree 100%

  • MirsMommy

    Give these kids books to read please.

  • ugh

    Send this little brat to school. Does she not have smart people around her to put her in school?


    @ kasha
    point taken she shouldnt be on the path she is on and i do agree that she will probably turn out the way other kids tht were tossed in the game too young did (lindsay lohan,tht chick from the cosby’s,etc) my point being let your children make their own decisions and support them dont force fame on them it’ll drive them up a wall

  • http://BOSSIP Damn D

    As Black ppl,we need more Doctors ,Lawyers, Presidents. Not stuck up Models that have no education to back them up when their beauty fades away.

  • Mikado7777777

    @Damn D
    Damn Right!

  • chaka1

    That child needs to be in class somewhere learning something. She ain’t no diva til she gets a degree.

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    Oh LORD! They’re creating a MONSTER! She’s cute, but doing too much…

  • gigi

    What would tyra be doing write now if she didn’t have that show. But everyone can’t be tyra and everyone can’t model looks go away. go to school young one trust me.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!

    My baby does some modeling so I won’t knock this mother’s decision. What I disagree on is THIS type of modeling!!!

    Mykel has done ads for Penney’s, Walmart and the likes. I never understood how mothers can slather a child with so much makeup it makes them unrecognizable. I also never understood how they allow them to even consider this type of modeling. I do feel that most of them are exploiting their children and are living their lives through their children.

    Just my opinion……

  • Micchi

    why is it that instead of calling her names and running her into the ground that you bunch of crabs in the hole can’t say what you have to say whilst acting human? what the hell is up with you ppl?

  • MefromDC

    the lil bust-it-baby looks like Dwoods

  • TheMan

    if she can do something she loves right now and get paid to secure her future, why would anyone knock that? how many people with degrees cant find a job right now?

  • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name

    She may be a little diva but that lil girl can outwalk those white chicks on ANTM, i hate half of them they cant walk, they are gawky and have the nerve to cry when they get kicked off~!!(smdh)!

  • jenndub

    She is too young to do that kind of modeling…..kids should only be doing the cute playing in my sunday school dress type of modeling, not trying to be a sexpot or whatever. She still a child!

  • Please Believe

    isn’t school in session?

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Lil Girl can walk like Naomi

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    What a cute lil Diva!

  • Angel

    That little girl is BAD! Hands down…Mini Diva.

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