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Brianna Brochu Not Facing Hate Crime Charge For Jazzy Rowe Bullying

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The racist co-ed who slowly poisoned her black roommate is NOT facing a hate crime charge.

As previously reported Brianna Brochu, 18, of Harwinton, Connecticut, was arrested October 28 and charged with second-degree breach of peace and third-degree criminal mischief, both misdemeanors for her actions against roommate Jazzy Rowe.

Brochu licked Jazzy’s plate, fork and spoon, put blood from a used tampon on her backpack while taunting her for being a “Jamaican Barbie.”

Now according to the Hartford Courant, while police sought out an added charge of intimidation based on bigotry or bias, a second-degree felony charge for a hate crime, prosecutors will NOT pursue a hate crime charge. Instead, the misdemeanor charges will stand.

The NAACP and others have publicly supported Rowe and have urged Hartford prosecutors to file a hate crime charge against Brochu, but prosecutors have declined to discuss the matter other than to say their decisions are guided by the evidence and the law.

Attorney Thomas Stevens, representing Brochu, has told The Courant he does not believe a hate crime charge will be added.

“We are very very disappointed with the prosecutors … not pressing this case hard enough,” said NAACP President Scot X. Esdaile. “They are not making this an urgent matter from where we sit.”

Are you even surprised that Brianna Brochu won’t be hit with a hate crime charge???



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