Freak On First: Basehead Baseballer Darryl Strawberry Say He Used To Smash Groupies Between Innings

- By Bossip Staff

Image via Jim McIsaac/Getty

Darryl Strawberry Admits To Sexing Women During Baseball Games

9 out of 10 times if we heard an athlete say this we’d chalk it up as macho grandstanding, however, Darryl Strawberry smoked crack, so as Kevin Garnett once emoted: “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLE!”

According to TMZ Sports, Darryl Strawberry appeared on Dr. Oz show and admitted some pretty crazy-but-true things about his time in the MLB when he was a sex and drug addict.

You gotta want it BAD to be smashing chicks DURING the game. Moreover, who the hell are these women who are inhaling sweaty athlete sack fresh off the field. Y’all nasty.

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