Florida Crazies: Snack-Happy Boyfriend Punched Girlfriend In The Face Over Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Florida Man Punches Girlfriend Over Chocolate Chip Cookies

Florida hasn’t been Florida-ing as much as they usually do, but it looks like their getting back into form for the start of 2018.

According to The Smoking Gun, 31-year-old Richard Hessic punched his 34-year-old girlfriend in the face after an argument about some chocolate chip cookies that were eaten without his permission.

In an interview with cops responding to a 911 call, Hessic said that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend “over cookies.” An investigator noted that Hessic “was upset someone ate the last chocolate chip cookie,” and was also angry “at his girlfriend for not taking him seriously.” Believing that she was “blowing him off,” Hessic said that he ripped down the curtain as the woman was showering.

The victim told a sheriff’s deputy that Hessic was angry that “the last of his favorite cookies were eaten.” The missing cookie was of less importance to the woman, who said she joked about “reviewing the surveillance cameras to see who ate the cookie.” The victim added that she “did not want to argue over something so petty” and told Hessic that she would purchase more cookies for him.


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