Youtube Video of the Day: “You the White Man’s B*tch” (We Didn’t Say That)

- By Bossip Staff

We ask that you please turn the volume down so the “person” in the next cubicle doesn’t hear this. This is pure comedy… enjoy.
How many of you believe in the song’s message?

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  • Shun

    i like i like i like!!!!!!!! about time!!!!

  • WTH


  • Shane

    Nah the message is wrong and destructive. Of course he has some excellent points about black pple being more responsible, not only are they promoting hate/racism, they’re biblical history is all WRONG!!

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    LMAO & SMH @ “I need a real “n-word” like Malcolm X.”

  • Karen

    Damn. She raps wayyyy better than most rappers out there!

  • Meritamen

    @ SHANE
    What part of the biblical history is all wrong?

    This is the type of rap we need, instead of all of this mindless animal level rap that has programmed the minds of our youth towards self-destruction.

  • Atrav

    She sounds just like a female New Orleans rapper, just can’t remember her name.



  • DaHonestTruth ~ Turn My Swag On

    well i actually agree with her to a large degree. i do feel like she coud have goten her point across without all the negativity but some of us, namely the brothas, fit right into what she is saying here.

  • Geebz

    I will be bumping this in my ride today. Where’s that one self-hating black that always has something to say in here? Hannibal?

  • Trelawny


  • fedupchick

    great message, horrible presentation. everything she is saying is factual though, but poor presentation so, I will stick with my sweet baby Jesus.

  • Kendra

    I gave up on our race, I married a white man, moved to the suburbs and had a couple of bi-racial kids.

  • Trelawny

    @Danielle Johnson, You betta sober up

  • Janequa

    Kinda ironic given the topic of the song to post it on Youtube which is the “white man” owns. lol

  • ramon claw

    @ Danielle Johnson

    Its all good babygirl. she is not muslim, look @ her last name. You just a sold out.

    hahaha yall stop step bowing down to the devil


    I love this song. She is calling out the Black men who look at the white man as their god. Im happy she took the time out to make a song about this. EVERYTHING she said was on point, including the religious piece. GO ON SISTA! BLESS!!!

  • ramon claw

    Danielle Johnson is “know” a slip or didi you mean “no”?

  • Black King

    @kendra- ok good for u!! do u want a belly rub for havin bi-racial kids??? anyhow love the song!

  • Black King

    @say-it-loud- correct!! all this talk about presentation and these r the same ppl who just drink in all that demonic rap from Jay Z and company and other soul takers. the truth dont need 2 be watered down 2 be politically correct! FYAH!! nice 2 see its a sista

  • say-it-loud!

    LOL@Danielle Johnson. she must have hit a nerve huh? why she gota be a muslim for putting those just-us(jesus) pimps, perpetrating as preachers on blast?


    the wedge you referred to was created, and is still maitained by white and their white supremacy system. we didn’t start it, but we will finish it.

  • ramon claw

    @ trees

    Back to africa? do your research the olmecs were her first. We are a Global people.

    yall are sell outs

  • http://bossip

    i really liked the song alot she wasnt promoting racism she was just telln it like it is we shouldnt be racist but keep in mind and if you “so calld christians” read your bibles then you would know that being white (or having no pigment of the skin) is the curse that was placed upon cain when he was disobediant God did not intend for white people to be superior over us or anyone for that matter it has been proven that ALL people originated from Africa yet we are the minority? blk people need to come together to rebuild our community just think abt what would happen if Oprah, Bob Johnson, Diddy, Russell Simmons and all these other black celebs who flaunt their million dollar bank accounts all got together and put that money into the black community?

  • Black King

    @treez- yes some ppl do give a flying fuk about her presentation and r on here representing! so deal…… OR GET THE FUK OUTTA HERE!!

  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    Well, ah, I don’t WHAT to say!!
    It’s ‘alright’?!!
    Some points she touched on were on point but then some things she said were a bit much!!

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