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Keri Hilson and Young Jeezy were kickin’ it at Luckie last night in ATL. Chingy, Polow da Don and Mannie Fresh hit up the event as well. Check out more pics of the festivities below.

Peep Fergie and Polow da Don under the hood

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  • valenne


  • valenne

    Ok,whats up with the name that end with Zy, is that a ghetto thing???

    Weezy, Breezy, cover girl lol

  • thatgirl

    correct me if I am wrong, but wigs make-up and contacts dont make you pretty…do they?

  • Danny

    Keri is cute but she always look greesy to me. lol.

    ohhhh snap i’m second?

  • valenne

    i think keri should keep the haircut she has in usher video. that bang is not a good look for her features!

  • ms meca


    jeezy chris breezy weezy kanyeezy

  • Vinandi

    Morning Valenne

    yep- I agree the bangs not a good look for her!

    neither is that bra showing!!

  • Vinandi

    don’t forget little bow weeezy!

  • Dimple Pink

    All these ladies messing w/ these gay boys. What’s going on?

  • bree

    Kheri is such a pretty gal..i wonder when her music will be coming out?..she did such a great job on the few tracks she did with Timbaland on ‘Shock Value”..

    & what was Fergie doing there?..She better go find Josh before i get to him.. 😀

  • Dimple Pink

    I thought Jeezy was w/ K coles? Did they break up?

  • valenne

    morning, Ms meca, Vinandi, and Bree!

    call me Valenzy

  • Vinandi

    lol- Valeeenzy!

  • ms meca

    @valenne and vinandi

    jeezy chris breezy weezy kanyeezy bow weeezy!

  • ms meca


    good morning

    as soons as you said sumin bout the eezy i start laughin because my myspace contack email is lil meezy

  • He's Presidential

    I don’t think people taking a picture together means they are together…

    Manny Fresh I hope his beats are on the next TI album

  • ms meca


    valenne started by sayin whats up with the eezy thing

  • valenne

    @ mecca,

    i think Vinandi wanna know who start this trend of name with eezy?

  • rayrayischillin

    Mannie Fresh has no neck and it looks like someone hit him in the face with a large frying pan.

  • bree

    LMAO Good Morning VALENZY!!

  • bree

    Apr 24, 2008 – 10:59 am rayrayischillin

    Mannie Fresh has no neck and it looks like someone hit him in the face with a large frying pan.



    I read somewhere that Keri Hilson is 24 yrs old. I just dont believe that. she’s not wrinkley but, she doesnt look like she’s in her 20’s.

  • SoSo

    has anyone seen her feet?!?! They are hideoussssss she is too pretty for that

  • I'm Just Me


    Keri looks nice and so does Fergie.

    Not impressed with Chingy at all

    Love me some Jeezy! His voice is like fire!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    yall, who is keri hilson?

    Polo is the funniest looking dude ever! he is like 2 seconds away from looking deformed.

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