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To clear this up for you — 18-year-old rapper NBA (Never Broke Again) Youngboy has a 17-year-old girlfriend named Jania, who from what we can tell online routinely gets the short end of the relationship stick from her boo. However, she also receives lavish gifts from time to time, so we’re assuming this balances out in her not-fully-developed mind.

Either way, over the weekend, while staying in a hotel with her boyfriend, Jania got banished to the lobby for the evening to sleep on the couches there while NBA…um…entertained other young ladies in the room instead.

But he let her back in to brush her teeth and shower the next morning, before jetting her off to the Louis store for a little spree. So she seems pretty content at the end of the day, and thinks whoever broadcasted her sad circumstance is the TRUE bum in this scenario. SMH.

Word to the wise…father your daughters.



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