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New App Gathers Change For Justice

This is DOPE!

We came across an article on WIRED that highlighted an app that we consider the perfect use social justice and technology.

A new appropriately-titled app “Appolition” rounds users’ purchases up to the next dollar and tosses the spare change into an account controlled by National Bail Out. The idea began as a tweet.

NBO is a grassroots org that helps free those who cannot afford the exorbitant amounts that judges hand down to accused criminals. As we are all well aware, the current bail system favors those with means, those without, are left to rot until their trial date. Often times those left to rot have significantly more melanin in their skin than those who get to sleep in their own beds after being arrested with a bag of weed.

Troy Wilson, the co-founder of the company who developed the change-gathering algorithm was a victim of the bail system as he was arrested and didn’t have $200 for bond.

“I was lucky to have someone to bail me out,” Wilson says. “But what about people who don’t have any safety net?”

Well, now they have Appolition. Hopefully.


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