Here’s How Famished Crenshaw Cretin Nipsey Hussle Sparked A Homophobic Headass-a-thon Around The Internet…

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Nipsey Hussle’s Homophobic IG Post Has Twitter Arguing

LOUD SIGH, where do we begin? Yesterday, a conversation surrounding young Black boys and image was sparked ubiquitously across the internet– initially over an offensive H&M advert, we’re sure many have seen by now online. Unbeknownst however, as the positive feedback went around, one hotep-y gang “rapper” in the deep jungles of Crenshaw was just getting his keyboard warm.

Enter Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey, adult crip, two baby mamas into this thing called life, decided to give us his perspective on the imagery “they” don’t want us to see of Black boys. Nipsey thinks wearing bow ties and the absence of visual gayness will FIX EVERYTHING.

There’s so many things to pick at here, but let’s focus on the homophobia. Nipsey Hussle believes in ‘THE GAY AGENDA”. Activist Deray had an exchange with Nip that really brought forth his ignorance.

Nipsey thinks gay black men are overrepresented in the media… in the same year Black Panther is dropping?! He better not ruin this ish for us, sweartagod…

He’s also really stuck on that goddamn bow tie and suit theory…

If Nipsey actually believes himself, he would stop dressing like Snoop Dogg Khalifa and wouldn’t he have made a “real” family with one of those baby mamas he created??? Poor Lauren London.

It’s 2018 and the prison system is literally slavery all over again, folks still don’t know the definition of consent, there is a racist running the country, Black women are STILL the most marginalised group of people in America (remember when he agreed Black women were a disgrace to Black culture, whatever that meant). And that doesn’t even touch on the toxicity of perpetuating gang culture AND being a rapper.

NOPE, we refuse and so did some of Nipsey’s “fans”. Unfortunately the headassery spread like a disease and up until this morning, there are folks still “agreeing to disagree” over the conversation sparked by neighborhood Nip.

Hit the flips to see some reactions to Nipsey’s fake outrage. Where do YOU stand?




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