One Down, One to Go

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At least one man is going down behind Jam Master Jay’s murder:

“One of the main suspects in the murder of Run-DMC group member Jam Master Jay was sentenced to 17-years in prison yesterday (April 22) for a series of robberies. Ronald ‘Tinard’ Washington [the suspect], a longtime friend of Jam Master Jay, allegedly confessed to being one of the two gunman who came into Jay’s 24/7 Recording Studio in Hollis, Queens, on October 30, 2002 and shot the pioneering DJ to death.

While he allegedly admitted to his role, the second gunman who allegedly pulled the trigger remains at large.”

It’s truly sick and disgusting how cops and official investigators drag their damned feet when it comes to black men getting gunned down. SMH.


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  • baeyaki

    its not the cops its the dumb ass ghetto birds that promote the “No snitching/Stop Snitching” code.

  • Suga Mo

    R.I.P. J

  • Afiya


  • Shamus Goldensteinbergbaum

    It’s a known fact the police invented the “Stop Snitching” movement.

  • Southern Swag

    about time they got someone. This is truely sad can’t even trust your friends.

  • The truth


    F-no the cops didn’t start the “Stop Snitching’ Bullsh*t. That’s our invention.

    THAT is why our young men (who incidentally are killed 90% of the time by OTHER BLACK MEN) get murdered and the case is never solved.

    We are either too stupid (see the young idiots who embrace this idiocy) or too afraid to step up and take control of our urban communities.

    But like everything else, it feels better to blame someone else. That’s gotten us far hasn’t it? Pick up a mirror, THERE’S your problem.

  • Bird

    That is not the full story. This Tinnard character supposedly confessed to his girlfriend, not police. As for police dragging their feet, Jay was not in the studio alone and not one of the people that watched him get gunned down has cooperated with police. What do you expect them to build a case on?

  • rayrayischillin

    It’s a damn shame that we are our own worst enemy…. SMDH

  • Southern Belle 225


  • crazy black lady

    why was he killed? was robbery a motive or something else?

  • Necy

    may the S.O.B ROTH in jail and later in HELL….

  • Serafina

    He was sentenced for the robberies he committed, the judge didn’t even take into consideration the fact that he was there when JMJ was killed.

    They hadn’t proscecuted him for the murder, therefore they couldnt use it to add more years onto his sentence.

    But im sure there will be someone behind bars that whips his azz for being there. Just because. And it’ll def be deserved.

    Who knows? Maybe he’ll get scurred being locked up with all those skrong men looking for some male p**** and he’ll sing like a canary and tell what really happened that night.

    On another note. I am so sick and tired of black people complaining about how violent their neighborhoods are, yet when they hold to key to making it safe and putting the thugs away, they turn the other cheek and say nothing.

    I know its hard and I know its scary, but damn, call one of those Anon Crimestopper numbers or something. Put the cops onto the right person.

    We dont have to like the police. But to make the streets safer, it may just be worth taking the flak by working with them sometimes.

  • And.....

    The No Snitching BS was started by the MAFIA. Since when did Black folks become the mob? This is just another example of us adopting ignorant sh*t from watching too much TV and without understanding the history and purpose of doing something.

    At least one of our hip-hop murders have been solved. I can’t imagine the agony and utter disgust his family is feeling KNOWING that everyone knows who killed JMJ and nobody will come forward. Thats being a hypocrit, because if the shoe was on the other foot, they would want to know and have closure in this. We are in a SAD SAD state.

  • Taylor

    yeah that snitching code thing hasn’t gotten out of control. sometimes situation call for it. now people are afraid to tell importnat things because they are scared of wat could happe to them.

  • SAxlerod

    Best news I’ve heard all day! RIP JMJ – you’re a true inspiration!

  • BellaY

    I agree that its a shame the powers that be don’t seem to be affected by the plight of young black men. But the powers that be aren’t pulling the trigger……YOUNG BLACK MEN ARE!

  • swoosh

    it’s about time

  • Simply Ecstasy

    Okay so when are they gonna bring justice to Biggie, Tupac, Big L and the rest of the slain in the hip hop community. Call A&E and put The First 48 on the case and I’m sure we’d at least have a solid lead.

  • Stephanie

    I am a resident of Jersey City, New Jersey, do you know how many murders have gone unsolved in the last couple of years. Just last week there were three in one day. They think they only have a suspect for one, all are unrelated. Anyway you know how many others they just dismiss, but yet the whole “HOOD” knows who did it. They always label it as a drug deal gone wrong, when that is alot of the time not the case. Tired of the violence. Just cuz it’s a celebrity shouldn’t make a diffrence. Just like the other celebrity these people a)have children or b) is someone child. What happen to the days when you step in the street and fight? No fighting is not the answer but shooting someone isn’t either.

  • StopTheMadness

    I forgot all about this murder. It is a sin, shame & a crime that people of color can NOT for the life of them love & respect each other instead of constantly killing each other. This is crazy MY PEOPLE. Wake up & stop this madness. You don’t just kill a person, you kill generations to come. You kill an entire race. Why can’t we get along & live together why? I just don’t get it. There is nothing to prove by killing someone. Most of the killings are among persons that know the victims. There is no reason other than self defense for killings. After Hurricane Katrina you would think it would have opened the eyes of the blind, but there are now more killings among people of color toward people of color than ever before. This is crazy. We have got to stop this diseased minded foolishness. We are our greatest & worst enemy. Where is Al, Jessie, the NAACP & the rest of these so called Leaders? It is time for a change & it’s time to Save Ourselves, the government won’t do it & Bush won’t do it, wake up people. I watch the First 48 every week & it puts me in tears, look at the victims & look at the suspects. Where are their fathers? They need to be in these kids lives. We need to stop having all of these out of wedlock kids for 5 & 6 daddies & get a grip of reality. These kids will grow up to be murderers or have a life of crime & incarceration until death. Help us all by starting with helping yourself & getting your education & leaving the babies in Heaven until you get your life together with one man or woman in your life. Bill Cosby speaks the truth & the truth always hurts.

  • Ms Bentley

    He was never a friend to Jay Master Jam for even getting caught up in this……What is wrong with black folks today, they are so quick to pull out a gun on each other….These are not REAL men at all. And if the trigger man was a REAL man he would be bold enough to turn himself in….COWARD!!

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