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Did Drake Get Denied By Issa Rae After The Golden Globes?

Funny how karma works, huh?

It appears that the same night that Papi played a young actress looking for a one dance at a post-Globes bash he was DJing, Issa Rae gave him a similar one-two punch of rejection.

Sources tell E!News that Drake “thinks Issa Rae is beautiful and talented. He would like to take her on date if he was given the opportunity.”

So when he saw her after the Globes, Drake instantly stopped what he was doing to get at Issa:

“[Drake] made his whole group stop so he could go talk to her….he asked her if she wanted to come to the Netflix party with him.”

However, Issa told the rapper that she was with all her friends and rather than leave them to pop bottles with Champagne Papi himself, the insider says the actress pretty much hit Drake with a “thanks, but nah” and kept partying. The sources claims Issa “walked away” and Drake “got denied.”

But, Issa says it wasn’t quite that deep.

Sources from her side say that they exchanged pleasantries, but that was about it. Besides, Issa actually DID end up going to the Netflix party and watching Drake hit the ones and twos after all. Plus, she tweeted that she actually had a fan moment of her own upon meeting him in person.

Hmm…we could actually see these two being a dope little power couple if that were the vibe they were on. What do you think?




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