Seal Tries To Win People Back By Apologizing To Oprah

1-2 Combo: Seal Apologizes To Oprah And Tells Stacey Dash Sashay Away Back Into Her Sunken Place

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Seal Insists He Didn’t Mean To Insult Oprah With His Weinstein Meme

Seal was under fire on Thursday for a post he made about Oprah, implying that she cannot be a “Me Too” advocate after years of friendship with Harvey Weinstein. Though many people have been trying to use old pictures of (insert celebrity here) with Weinstein against them, nobody can say that those old friends knew anything about what the powerful producer was doing to various women–especially someone like Oprah, so powerful herself she wouldn’t have been subjected to any of it. Even worse for Seal, he was further labeled as a hypocrite since his ex-wife Heidi Klum was also photographed multiple times with Weinstein, who was a producer for her show Project Runway.


Now, unsurprisingly, Seal is backtracking and apologizing for what he posted about Oprah and insisting he has a great deal of respect for the mogul. The singer explains that he only used the meme for the actual message itself, and not to take shots at her in particular. Seal says in a video posted to his Facebook page, “What I re-posted was not an attack on Oprah at all…She just happened to be the person photographed with the pig in the picture. What I re-posted was commentary on the hypocritical and double-standard nature and behavior of Hollywood.”


The “Kiss From A Rose” singer also took the opportunity to stick to to Stacey Dash and let her know he isn’t okay with her tweeting articles about him and trying to prove a point. He fired at the Fox News commentator, “Stacey Dash, keep my name out of your mouth. Do not retweet, re-quote anything I said in order to reinforce your self-hating agenda. You live in the Sunken Place.”

Can’t really win people over any more than loving on Oprah and hating on Stacey Dash, right?

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