#SaggyBoobsMatter: There’s A Movement For Women With Drooping Mammaries And Twitter Reactions Are Juvenile

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#SaggyBoobsMatter Is The Twitter Movement For Women With Drooping Mammaries, But Not Everyone “Likes” Natural?

One UK based blogger has started a movement for women with less than perkey boobies to feel comfortable with their naturally matured bodies. Chadera Eggerue, who goes by The Slum Flower on twitter, has been pushing the movement through her blog since last summer. But, last night after posting up some twitpics, the bronze up proud saggy boober got tons of reations.

Just to rewind, Chidera explains in her blog post that saggy boobs are nothing to be ashamed of, and she would really to see more saggy tidday representation on television:

Biologically, our bodies are built for babies. Babies don’t care about how perky your boobs are; they just wanna be fed. Men aren’t and will never be in a position to tell women ‘how to be a woman’. Impressing men isn’t even a goal worth making. As long as you have a female reproductive organ, men (cis-het) will naturally be drawn to you anyway. Nature doesn’t recognise beauty standards.

Due to under-representation of saggy-looking boobs in the media, we are all taught that there’s only one way to be beautiful and that includes having super perky boobs. But majority of these films, campaigns and music videos are directed by men (who a lot of the time, don’t even know what they want anyway so why aspire to please an inconsistent person?). If I had seen women with saggy boobs being glorified for their beauty, I wouldn’t have developed a complex as a very young teenager. This is exactly why representation is important. The more you see someone who looks like you in positions of success, the more your image is normalised; the less of a spectacle your reflection is; the more comfortable you will be in your body. It is that deep.


But of course, folks are relentless and don’t care to read up on it. Many began to drag the woman’s mammories while others defended her. Does this offend you??? Hit the flip for some of the reactions.

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