Recognize This Nappy Headed A$$ Weave???

- By Bossip Staff

We know ya’ll recognize yo girl NeNe. Looks like this chick needs to have that weave touched up in the back… Showing some discoloration there. There is something interesting about these pics. NeNe is hiding from the cameras!!! This is seriously a first.

Pop it to See if You Can Figure Out Why the Man Hands are Covering the Man Face

Dedicated to … U Know Who U ARE!!!

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  • Cokoliscious

    She’s not wearing makeup. Ugly

  • Mama Mila

    You are that damn ugly that you have to hide your face. YOU ARE UGLY WITH THE MAKEUP…not just without it…..

  • MzThickWitIt

    I used to like Ne-Ne, now shes to HollyHood for her own good!!

  • kryssy

    …why does the caption say having lunch with Sheree…that is not sheree idiots!

  • bklynlady

    @ MzThickWitIt


  • Now come on people.......

    On one of the Pics the caption reads “nene and sheree” that’s just not sheree!

  • tallglassofwater

    They r all crazy but I like NeNe out of all of them

  • Kynae33

    I have to disagree with you NeNe haters. She getting her grind on in L.A. What the F*** are you guys doing. When it’s all said and done she making her money, she’s hosting alot of events.While you hater are just sitting still on the computer. Thanks to you haters your making her get more money, because ya can’t wait to see what she going to do next. Your going to see her even more on daytime T.V. So, stop hating and give the women her props for doing something for herself.


    hmmm… i wonder how much how much she’ll charge me to book her as security?… everybody needs a guard dog! 🙂

  • copelli21

    The problem with NeNe is that she is straight up ghetto and yet she seems to think that she is classy! That’s my issue with her. The chick is in denial.

    She’s not cute and money can’t buy class. She’s a shining example of that.

    Lord, why am I even wasting energy commenting on this chick.

    The entire show is irrelevant.

  • chocolate chip

    NeNe is Fat,Ghetto and a Mess. What a pig she is on the show. She thinks the world loves her. Not True. Kim and Kandi have a bigger following. Nene is Fat and Ghetto.

  • Its6amHoGetOut Resident Genius

    Damn how times have changed from early 2009 when all I read was “6am you dont know what youre talking about, NeNe is real” then the repo’s on national TV started and now all of a sudden “NeNe is ghetto and an embarrassment” WTF happened people? Dont you know 6am is 99.5% never wrong? Join me people when I rant on this board, you know I know what Im talking about!

  • Its6amHoGetOut Resident Genius

    Youre gonna miss me when im gone!

  • noelle

    I undaaaastand about the hair!



  • what that?

    COVER IT,COVER IT,COVER IT..with all the money you got sista… keep it together please..

  • Miss Prissy

    Make up might be her least concern, she has a problem with her eye ( I believe it’s her left eye). If you notice on some of the shows her left eye sometimes looks enlarge & bugged.

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