WTF: Irrelevant Beauty Brand Calls Black Nail Lacquer “Thick As A N-gg-“, Blames “Famous” Music?

- By Bossip Staff

WTF: Beauty Brand Call Nail Polish “Thick A Ni–a”

What the heck is going on here. It seems like some italian brand of nail polish is working with a pretty racist staff and since they’ve been called out for it, they’re blaming their disgusting behavior on music??? Something called Wycon Cosmetics named their black shade of polish “Thick As A Ni–a” (who even talks like that???)

Of course, folks commenced to dragging them. No reason to post the expected reactions to something so distasteful, but there is something not right about their apology. The brand blames “famous songs” for their mishap. What song sounds like that????

Seems like this irrelevant brand is looking for some press via outrage. Nice try, Bee-yotch!

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