Netflix Loses $39 Million After Firing Louis C.K. And Kevin Spacey

Netflix Reportedly Lost Out On Nearly $40 Million Upon Cutting Ties With Creepazoids Kevin Spacey And Louis C.K.

- By Bossip Staff

Netflix Loses $39 Million After Firing Louis C.K. And Kevin Spacey

Nobody wins when Hollywood stars get pervy and abusive.

Not only have Louis C.K.’s and Kevin Spacey’s own careers and cashflows come to a screeching halt upon the public finding out about the sexual misconduct they’ve committed behind closed doors, but the very media companies that put them on ice have had to suffer as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report disclosed that their streaming service took an unexpected hit over “unreleased content we’ve decided not to move forward with.”

That content? The sixth and final season of their hit show House of Cards, that was already halfway through production when the news broke about Spacey. Also, a planned and paid for film starring Spacey about the life of Gore Vidal. Furthermore, a planned stand-up comedy special for which they had already shelled out big money to Louis C.K.…which, needless to say, isn’t happening now.

SMH. Looks like companies are going to have to vet the stars they make these major deals with a little more carefully from now on.




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