50 Cent Made About $8 Million By Selling His Album For Bitcoin Years Before It Was The Wave

- By Bossip Staff

50 Cent Is Sitting On A Bitcoin Fortune

Leave it to 50 to catch a wave early.

According to TMZ, back in 2014, 50 was the first rapper ever to accept bitcoin for the sale of his album, Animal Ambition. Customers could get their hands on his music for a fraction of a bitcoin, which was valued at around $662 per coin at the time. He ultimately made about 700 bitcoin in sales, which at the time amounted to about $400,000.

The bitcoin laid dormant in 50’s account for the last 4 years. Now, fast-forward to today, and bitcoin is worth nearly $11,000 per unit. That means, 50 is basically sitting on about $7.6 million, if he decides to sell it at current value.

Of course, the value of bitcoin fluctuates by the hour…so 50 might want to look into cashing out if he doesn’t plan to keep riding the bitcoin wave to see where it goes.


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