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Aryn Drake-Lee Reportedly Spreading Lies About Ex Jesse Williams

Despite being granted $50,000 a month in spousal support and multiple custodial stipulations she’s laid down, folks with insider knowledge claim that Aryn Drake-Lee is saying any and everything to make her ex Jesse Williams look like a peen-slinging playboy who abandoned his family for a random white woman the minute he got any recognition in Hollywood.

In actuality, they say her crappy attitude has worn on Jesse for years — WELL before he started having his “moment” in the industry — and he works tirelessly to make sure she and the kids are happy and taken care of despite the fact that things simply can’t work between them anymore.

According to an exclusive report from B. Scott, Aryn is just bitter as all hell and desperate to smear his public image, so she’s pulling all sorts of stunts and stories to get at him.

“Aryn is obsessed with being seen as a victim and she can’t do that if people continue to view Jesse as the fun, caring, good person that he is.

It’s hard for people to feel sorry for [her] when they find out [she hasn’t] had a job in nearly a decade, blew a marriage with a successful, generous, happy man who just built [her] a new house, loves his kids and who pays [her] over $50K a month.”

They also say that Aryn has been on a warpath against her ex so hard that it’s actually turned some of their friends against her.

“She’s driven most of her friends away by demanding they join her wild attacks on Jesse— 99% of them refused because they know the truth. Jesse kills himself working for his community and to provide for his family. Their real friends have seen Aryn’s toxic attitude rip away at that marriage for years.

Jesse tried really hard but eventually had to save himself and make a choice not to provide a bad example of a toxic relationship for his daughter.

He’s never been happier. Aryn lost. All she has left is the remaining pieces of the lie, so she makes up new ones.”

Of course, with an anonymous source giving out this information it’s tough to say how factual it is — for all we know this could be one of Jesses’ people trying to clean up his public image. But you never know.

You think Aryn is spending her days plotting her ex-husband’s demise?




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