R.I.P.: Kandi Burruss’ Ex-Fiance AJ Killed In Atlanta Club Fight

- By Bossip Staff

We have got to stop the violence people:

The fiance of Kandi Burruss, a cast member on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” was killed Friday evening at a northwest Atlanta strip club, according to WSB Atlanta. Burruss’ fiance, A.J. Jewell, died from a head injury sustained in a brawl at the Body Tap club, located at 1271 Marietta Blvd. Burruss’ publicist Lisa Nelson confirmed to WSB that the actress has been informed of the incident and said the family asked for privacy. Police said it’s unclear what prompted the fight. No arrests have been made.

Wow. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


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  • The Bear

    Oh Wow!!! Thats why I don’t even go to clubs anymore.

  • KASK

    rip… 1st?

  • http://gradeashoes@yahoo.com Fred

    Don’t this dud have 6 kids


    shoulda stayed out da strip club, and since when is she considered an actress??

  • man of the moment

    That’s cold man.Can’t we just get along?damn fools

  • http://myspace.com/tirayk tiray

    White ppl are right.We ARE exactly what they SAY we are……….


  • Wendy

    This is extremely sad…All I could think about is the kids he left behind…Very sad. My prayers goes out to the Family and Kandi…wow (In shock!)

  • http://www.rehearsaltoromance.com Miche P.

    Yes, he has 6 children, sad sad sad….okay he was in the strip club (that’s another topic) but people are jealous and kill for no reason! I’m really sorry Kandy.

  • ThatOne

    R.I.P Aj, I know this must be hard for Kandi and her family, as well as his children, who are left fatherless, this is truley sad, and I will pray for his family as well as her’s. God Bless

  • http://www.twitter.com/vanity214 Vanity214

    WOW! I cant beleive it. *speechless*

  • Larry

    Damn I wonder what happened


  • happy to be alive

    sorry for K. Hope he left a little something for her being she’s raising his Daughters and all. I think it’s time to return them back to his family. The ship is about to blow. RIP AJ, but your shyt was raggard… very raggard indeed!

  • DDD

    …if he was home with kandi treatn’ her right he might be alive today

  • http://deleted Anthony


  • b


  • http://bossip TLove

    So very sad RIP. No matter what no one deserves to die of that stature no matter who they are andd how much money they have. And people need to realize that no one is perfect!

  • b

    so people say the dumbest shit… u can keep ur negative comments to ur self

  • love me love me not

    Damn when will the madness Stop? RIP AJ Im quite sure that although they decide to break up and end their relationship that she still cared for him. Who knows No disrespect Maybe thats why he left his daughters with her?? While at first Im quite sure that I wsn’t the only one Who at the time thought that she was getting taken advantage of Now I offer my apology because at the end Now I see and I hope that others do that it was the right decision after all. Rip Aj

  • 504dude

    why people just cant say r.i.p to the man he passed away who cares if she taken care of his children and what he left behind …what he left behind was people who love him dame stop being so negative on this shit

  • manster

    I don’t know how many times i have to say it but it is worth repeating. Black people in general have a tremendous amount of self-hate and a tremendous inferiority complex. These aren’t my observation but are those by many psychiatrists. When one look in the mirror and hate what they see, they tend to one to eliminate it. When people so callously can kill each other this is a manifestation of trying to eliminate what they see.

    What topic garners the most hit on this blog as well as others? Inter-racial relationships. Many of us feel validated if someone non-black find us attractive and the only way to be happy is to have someone non-black.

    All this talk about stop the violence is just that, talk. Until you love yourself and respect yourself, this will continue to go on.

  • manster

    sorry for the typos.

  • Bajan Babe

    This is just tragic. We need to pray for his family, especially the kids.

    Violence is NEVER the answer.

  • The Bear

    Kandi is a VERY sensitive and emotional lady so I know this is hard for her. May God strengthen her and AJ’s family.

    People don’t realize how easy it is to lose one’s life.

  • Roni

    My condolences to Kandi and AJ’s family. Losing a loved one is hard regardless of the situation.

  • Carmen

    RIP AJ….It was his business why wouldn’t he be there. I have never experienced such insensativity we are truely living in our last days. Right after hearing someone has died and we basically say “that’s what he get, give his kids back”. Are you serious?

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