#MemoDay: Trump And His Boot-Lickers Release Mystical, Magical Memo That Won’t Change Anything

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Trump And Republicans Release Devin Nunes Memo

Welp. Today is the day. According to CNN, Donald Trump and his band of shady Republicans have released their special book report after weeks of hyperventilating about it’s dire importance to the American people. We’re pretty sure when they say “American people”, they mean themselves but we digress.

The goal in releasing this memo appears to be solely to create chaos, confusion and cynicism surrounding everything that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating regarding the Trump campaign’s relationship to Russian election tampering.

Take this for example, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan alleges that the release of this autobiographical document has absolutely nothing to do with throwing shade on the Mueller investigation:

However, Paul Ryan’s boss, Donnie T, INSISTS that the FBI is corrupt and out to get him:

Speaking in the Oval Office Friday, Trump implied the memo revealed political bias at the FBI. He said he believed the purported bias was a “disgrace” and said certain people should be “ashamed of themselves.”

The kitchen is getting VERY hot and there aren’t very many exits by which Donnie can escape.

Poor thing.

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