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FBI Arrests Dallas Man Perceived As “Black Identity Extremist”

Last year we reported about the incarnation of law enforcement’s latest mechanism to put more bodies of color in prison, the phrase “Black Identity Extremist“.

Essentially it is the FBI’s way of calling civil rights advocates (see, Black and brown folks) who speak truth to power “terrorists” (see, COINTELPRO).

On December 12, 2017 Christopher Daniels aka Rakem Balogun was arrested by that very FBI wearing nothing but his underwear during a raid of his home according to Foreign Policy.

The feds had been surveilling Daniels since they became aware of his 2015 when they were made aware of his pro 2nd Amendment politics and various Facebook posts where he is said to have championed violence against police. Christopher’s family believes that this BIE label was stamped onto him.

One such example that the FBI gave at Daniels detention hearing was a post about Micah X Johnson, the man who killed 5 Dallas officers in 2016:

“They deserve what they got. LMAO!”

Daniels also shared a post on the anniversary of the shooting:

“Today, one year ago, one black man brought the Dallas Pig Department to their knees. #77.”

We remember seeing a LOT of people on social media saying things like this on the night of the shooting. Imagine the FBI surveilling every single one of them at this very moment.

We suggest you read Christopher Daniels’ entire story on Foreign Policy. S#!t is real.



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