Nick says Bey Bey and MiMi are Best Friends and He and Hov are Tag Alongs…Plus Beyonce’s Billboard Cover

- By Bossip Staff

According to Nick Cannon, Mariah and Bey Bey are old time pals who love to get together when they can and bring their play husbands along for the foonery.  Nick also says that Mariah and Beyonce text and call each other all the time.  Hmm…In any event, pop the hood to hear Nick dish on how he got Mariah to change her look, and Beyonce (Billboard Cover) and Camel’s date night in NYC last night.

Speaking of dates, Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in Brooklyn hanging out at Marlow & Sons, where onlookers say they sat “alone, cuddling in a corner.” After Jay-Z disclosed that he and Beyonce have a ritual Sunday dinner of pizza,wine and candles, all the stans in the world wanted to know the spot and low and behold here it is. A little cozy spot in Brooklyn that they now will probably never go to again.

And on to another side note, their favorite couple Nick and Mariah didn’t join them but Nick did tell InTouch that he and Mariah love staying in together, lying on the couch eating popcorn and candy and watching comedies starring Will Ferrell or Eddie Murphy.

“The most beautiful thing is when she’s not all diva’d up,” he admits. In fact, he’s the one who convinced Mariah to let her hair go naturally curly again. “That’s how I like it. I’ve been telling her that forever. Now she’s like, ‘Okay, if this is how you like it, I’ll do it for you right now.'”

Nick and Mariah are painting a fairytale while Bey Bey and Jay are doing dinners before Oprah next week. All of their publicists are on their jobs like there’s no tomorrow.

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  • Pookie


  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    I must say, I’ve always liked that photo of the two…

  • middleFinger2UHaters!!


  • Kanye Lover All Dai

    HMm i really dont care, but its cute what they do to escape the media

  • Beyonce is a fake lying bish

    blabla. Jay-z is friends with Mariah. no word that Beyonce is friend with that bishhh!!

  • http://Bossip UBBER


  • who cares?

    Jay-z is friends with Mariah. not beyonce. Beyonce has noooo friends!

  • Ummmmmm....

    I can believe it…I’m sure Bey looks up to Mariah as an artist, their style/personas are somewhat similar. For women, only Madonna is bigger than Mariah, success and longevity wise, and she’s not the same kind of artist…little musical talent, doesn’t write her own material, all about high fashion…kinda like Ri.

  • white male

    Mariah must have a very sheltered life.


    BIG deal. two flops hanging out together LOL…

  • InnocentCorruption203

    Since when did 39 years old (Mariah’s age) and 28 years old (Beyonce’s age) become considered “close” in age? Thats an 11 year difference………..

  • http://yahoo a fan

    I can see Beyonce and Mariah being bff you know on 106 park Mariah said her friend Beyonce gave her the $3000 gold finder that she was wearing at the time and she said Beyonce was a doll. Now Nick and Jay-z what would they have to talk about can’t see them being bff only talking when all 4 are together. Are there any pictures of the date night around.

  • coi

    @InnocentCorruption203 there are documents on the next that put beyonce in her mid-thirties…google it….if they are really or not is beyond me, but there is info on the net saying she was born in i think 1975 making her 34 now…

  • coi

    oops ment net and real

  • Girl BYE!!

    don’t you mean Jay and Mariah the same age while Cannon and bey the same age. lol

    I don’t see them hanging out like that, Nick is something like a lame!

  • %#&?!!

    I love mimi to death but if she’s hanging w/ bey then those r play-dates and the dudes r chaperones.
    connect 4 anyone? =/

  • Young Obama

    Hov needs to get that Ménage going – I’m pretty sure Mariah likes to party.

  • Atl_Finest

    I don’t believe that. MC would never befriend someone who has just as much talent. MC use to go out her way to put down Christina A.

  • Divine

    She said she always looked up to Mariah.
    I remember the story of when Beyonce first went solo and they got her a vocal instructor to get her ready. The vocal instructor said she was fired because she couldn’t show her how to hit high notes like Mariah.
    She told her “You have to naturally have the range in order to do that. If you try that you will kill your voice.”
    And Beyonce didn’t like her answer so Matthew fired her. LOL!!!

  • *aintnoshameinmygame*

    Bey is friends with Mariah and it has also been said that she’s good friends with gabby union who is almost 40, they grew up together in houston….eventhough bey is like 10 years younger…for a “28 year old” she sure has some old friends….

  • Melinda

    Mimi looks adorable on that pic.

  • Lovie

    @ $$$=GOD in USA

    You sound SO pathetic. You really do. I mean I saw half of your same post on another post THAT WASN’T EVEN ABOUT BEYONCE. You need to get a grip. Opinions on this site come a dime a dozen. You’re not going to convince her fans or people who halfway like Beyonce (the celebrity– because NONE of us on here KNOW her) otherwise.

    I mean you really sound pathetic, jealous, and unattractive. He!!, the way you write about someone you really don’t know is unattractive.

    @Sasha Flop
    You kept it short this time. Good job!

    Both of you…Get a grip. Be Blessed.

  • akla

    she needs to do something diffrent with her hair,
    something new,

  • -

    bey is going on 33 or 36

  • http://wordpress delish

    who cares

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