No Longer Stunting On Them Hoes…

- By Bossip Staff

Looking like a mannequin, Rihanna was spotted in France at another fashion show.

Pop it and see lil dominatrix boots/belt bottom half….

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  • MIN28

    *not toooo shabby

  • Bill Bigsby

    shes boring

  • Allie

    I am so over this chick. She looks straight up ridiculous.



  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Usually I am all for what she is rockin…but lately she hasn’t been hittin on anything! Can she even breathe in that dress! And the boots are a FAIL!

  • lean (Breaking the Monotony)

    she looks like t-boz in the photos of her w/ all blk and that mushroom hair do!

  • Monday

    i’m a fan of Ri ri BUT I’m def. not feeling that silver dress


    She does look very mannequin-ish…

    I don’t care for the eyewear or dress.

    This is a miss with me Rhi.

  • &&&&&&

    Now she wants to be Victoria Beckham??

  • Mikado7777777

    It’s time to put as much energy into making innovative music.

  • ladygaga


    Now she wants to be Victoria Beckham??
    and victoria is a classy lady
    nothing wrong with that
    go ri ri

  • NOLA bred NH transfer

    Oh look she borrowed my lab goggles. How fashionable.

  • honeychild

    Rihanna stop stuntin on those hoes over the summer. Her outfits the past few months have been plain ol’ ugly to me. She is now an example of when fashion stops being edgy and fly and starts being ridiculous.

  • Khristal

    Girl is working those dresses! She could be on the run way

  • Cynthia

    I think the designers are asking her to wear those odd dresses!

  • MizASterling

    This girl always looks so damn uncomfortable in her own skin.
    Her clothes are always wearing her.

    And don’t get me started on her posture…

    All hunched over like she got Scoliosis.


  • THE SoSelPHish 1

    Cute chic


    This girl has got to go down as the MOST spotted singer ever!!! Cmon now I thought she was a singer not a model? The industry is not only pimpin this girl but confusing her as well. If I was a fan I would be pissed like okay ur pretty, can dress, now wheres the music??? this is the perfect time to be releasing some inspirational music for her fans to help them get a glimpse of who Rihanna is and whats shes been through.

    Like for example Miss Mary J put her in all in her everything.

    Like the late AAliyah song songs like Never No More and I Refuse…Rihanna can be puttin out music like that. True singers would be doing events for the fans and promotional events for there new music. Thats how you remain a relevent singer. Going to fashion events is not equivalent to being a devoted singer. Im thinkn the main reason we dont see relevent singers as much is because there too busy puttin together new music, shows, concerts and etc. not attending fashion shows and strolling the streets in designer costuems every day. smh this is proof positive on what the industry is about these days.

  • MadMax

    She is boring and trying to hard to stay relevent.


  • MadMax

    correction: too

  • Pookie

    A classic example of over-exposure

  • LaLa

    I like the dress on the lady sitting next to Riri. Is that katty perry?

  • Cheech

    I don’t understand why she wears this stuff…but then is seen in every photograph, trying to pull her dress down…she looks like an crazy Alien forehead fool!

  • Me Damnit!

    Side note: I see she is still wearing that diamon bracelet Chirs gave her for her B-Day! I bet she still loves him! But they gotta stay apart for the sake of her career. Oh yeah…and that whole restraining order thing!

  • Lakeshow

    Ri Ri does not ever have to sing a single note to stay at the top of her game. She is the finest mannequin in the world.

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