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Lil Pump Arrested For Firing Gun

17-year-old rapper Lil Pump was arrested at his San Fernando Valley apartment yesterday evening according to TMZ.

Pump’s manager tried to feed the police some bullsh!t story about three men who were allegedly attempting a home invasion and fired one round through the door. The cops were all side-eye-everything and upon interviewing Pump, the tall tale became impossible to believe.

After checking out the bullet hole in Pump’s front door, cops determined that it appeared to have come from INSIDE the house, not outside.

Furthermore, officers found a pistol in the bushes under Pump’s balcony, gun a that uses the ammunition they found inside the home. Cops decide they had seen enough and put Pump in some stainless steel bracelets.

B-b-b-b-but wait it gets worse.

Pump lives with his mother, who wasn’t home when the incident took place. Cops smelled and found weed in the house. Again, Pump is only 17. So now Pump’s mom is being investigated for child endangerment and an unsecured weapon.

Allegedly there is security camera footage that will exonerate Pump, but until then…this is big trouble.



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