Jesus Take the Wheel: 74 Year Old Woman gets Mauled by a Pack of Raccoons…

- By Bossip Staff

A 74 year-old- Florida woman was attacked by a pack of raccoons over the weekend.  Apparently, she was trying to shoooo them off her lawn and they got gangsta with her.

Shocked by the initial attack, Gretchen Whittead fell to the floor where she was enveloped by five raccoons that scratched her up something terrible.  According to reports, she was bitten and scratched from her face and chest, all the way down through the legs where apparent flesh was visible.  Raccoons are known to attack when it comes to food, but this case is rare since there was no real harm to make the animals feel threatened.

Lakeland police are now on a wild hunt to capture as many raccoons as possible by placing traps around town.  They have warned residents of the potential threat and want people’s families to be safe.

Who knew raccoons could gang attack someone?

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  • Pookie

    what a sad way to die. RIP

  • Whut???

    They even look gangsta – lol – I run when I see them.


    the pic looks as old as the lady!

  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer

    @ Pookie: They never said she died

  • LondonLady


  • MizzOmg

    the pic is not of the lady stupids its just a pic damn sumppl r dumb!!

  • bobbi

    LMAO@ MizzOmg… so, it’s not just me who thinks that way??? LOLOLOL…

  • sxyQblondie LOVE RAIN


  • Mz.CW

    Thats sad. she was too old to defend herself. I would stopmed the crap out of one of them little things.

  • sushine 20745

    actually true…it came on the news yesterday on CNN…rabies anyone? sorry for that lady..thats gonna be painful getting those shots in her stomach..i think 20 of them

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