US Military Puts Obama on the Chopping Block

- By Bossip Staff

The current US led mission in Afghanistan is facing trouble as the commanders and President Barack Obama have opposing ideas on what should be the US Military’s next move in the Afghan war.Top Military officers would like for the military to have a vast ground force going further into the war while Obama would like for a full vetting of the current strategy eliminating a mass increase of the number of troops sent out to war.  Top military chiefs say that without large numbers, the Afghan war will end in failure.  If President Obama fails to listen to the military advice given and changes the course in Afghanistan, he will be rejecting the advice of the US military, which could potentially raise political stakes.

During his campaign, Obama voiced his opinion on wanting to bring as many troops back home as possible, and if he aids in sending mass numbers out to Afghanistan he could be contradicting his own words making a lot of his supporters angry.

Many say the heated debate over the war is something that should be kept in house and the top priority to keep in mind is to avoid a repeat of the run-up to the Iraq war under former president George W. Bush, when military leaders bowed to The White House demands for a small invasion force and faced disastrous consequences.

With President Barack in the middle and having the last call, it’s a call that we are sure is being  thought out and handled with care.  For some, the fight for our country is necessary and for others it’s a waste.  How do you all feel?

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    Say NO the the NWO!

  • Pookie

    This war was never thought out properly anyway…the troops will remain there till they all killed.


    FOR REAL….ARE WE EVEN “WINNING” THIS THING? (IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN)I don’t see where any progress has made. I said it in 2003. American needs to get its own act together before bothering someone else’s country.


    I just want to know what we hope to accomplish and what has been accomplished thus far because all I see is we are in turmoil there and here.


    @ Pookie

    I agree this was never thought out. This was an unthought out response to 9/11. Those people spent years planning 9/11. But because America is a country of act now think later, and to motivate the people of this country and build more patriotism, we had to go to war pretty much ASAP. And now look, 6+ years later and TO ME, not a daxn thing has been accomplished but a lot of unnecessary deaths on both sides.

    Also I feel we are in major trouble should someone attack us here beecause so many of our troops are deployed all around the world. What if someone was to attack our borders today? are we prepared to fight. How long would it take to get all these troops back? America looks like it is setting itself up for the fall!

  • lt

    We willnever win this war. It’s another vietnam.

  • white male

    I’ll go with the commanders.

  • JB Going to get stock in Nike!!

    This is why I didn’t want to vote for Obama. Because being in the military, I believe that to lead the troops, you should know first hand exactly what you are asking people to do. Plus you will have no idea if the head honchos will be telling you the truth or not. The Commander in Chief needs to have some sort of military background, served in one of the services to fully understand the whole concept of what it takes to win a war.

    Playing Battleship doesn’t count

  • charmingme22

    Obama please get us the f**k out of there. we’ve already lost one soldier in my battalion due to this nonsense… plus numerous of other soldiers around the world. It’s beyond pointless now…unless our government and congress knows something we don’t…hmmmm???

  • DDub (Right? Right.)

    I always supported the war in Afgahnistan. I never supported the Iraq war. But I did support the surge because it’s the least we could do to clean up the mess we made in Iraq.
    So now that the focus is back where it should have been, we need to hold firm to that commitment and finish it.

    People didn’t listen, when Obama campaigned it was to end Iraq and increase troops in Aghanistan. talks of 40-50,000 troops have always floated around. Now it’s finally being seriously considered, people are acting like it came from out of nowhere.

    Look. The war is in retaliation for 9/11. Al-Queda’s trained those terrorists in Afghanistan so that’s why we’re there. I wish people quit talking about Vietnam. This ain’t that. We have to finish what we started or risk another large-scale attack here. And we don’t want that.

    AQ has slid into Pakistan but if we leave, rest assured they’ll be back in A. We defeat the Taliban, set up the Afghan security forces and work with Pakistan we can finally squeeze AQ. Noone said it would be easy (especially after the war had been so neglected).

  • She's Pissed

    Because seriously, the ppl over in the middle east have their minds set to their own agenda..There will always be unrest in those nations because the ppl are too divided..And I know that it’s hard to pull back because you have to consider the innocent ppl that were killed over their beliefs in democracy and freedom..but its almost senseless to keep losing young women and men in an unending war..

  • Balls Deep


    Are still talking that shyt that we are suppossed to be there because of 911?

    Wake up man!?!?!?!?


    The president is trying to lose this war.I might add that during the campaign he made it a point to say that he thought the CENTRAL FOCUS OF THE WAR SHOULD BE AFGHANISTAN/PAKISTAN.Sadly he is showing himself to be a STOOGE for far left “America Is Evil” liberals.Oh well…he’s only got three more years to muddle through it anyway.

  • Okpulot Taha

    Dr. Funk comments, “The president is trying to lose this war.”

    I would not write Obama is “trying to lose this war” rather would write this Obama Afghanistan policy, which is no policy, will have America lose this war.

    In a decade, America will be faced with the same circumstances as before the World Trade Center attack; Islamic terrorists will again “own” Afghanistan.

    Obama will have our troops chasing around along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. Meanwhile, the Taliban, terrorists, Iran and Syria will move back into Afghanistan interior via the south.

    This Obama policy of securing an area then releasing this area back to the enemy will cost the lives of our military boys and girls and will have America lose this war.

    Obama needs to strap a leash on his bloated ego and allow our military to perform their job. This will never happen; Obama is a megalomaniac.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation
    Puma Politics

  • Indrea

    I remember, He said, he wanted to put the troops where the most help can be given in fighting terrorism. Iraq is the rich country, and Afghanistan is the poor country and therefore, this is what he said. Who wants to go to Afghanistan? If they thought the conditions in Iraq was bad, can you imagine what it would be like to be in Afghanistan where the country is under developed? However, Bush wanted the money oil; he got that but no Bin Laden. God Bless our country. What is really real?


    @Okpulot Taha:

    I would tend to Co-sign.
    The people who don’t like us in this world know he’s a pushover I might add.

  • white male

    One of our problems there in Afghanistan is that we are trying to set up a government besides police the area but Karzai is corrupt like most Afghanis so the people are not buying into the government.

  • always knew

    @JB Going to get stock in Nike!!- “This is why I didn’t want to vote for Obama. Because being in the military, I believe that to lead the troops, you should know first hand exactly what you are asking people to do. Plus you will have no idea if the head honchos will be telling you the truth or not. The Commander in Chief needs to have some sort of military background, served in one of the services to fully understand the whole concept of what it takes to win a war.”

    Playing Battleship doesn’t count

    But I guess Bush did understand strategy, huh?

    None of these wars really had anything to do with the United States. I’ll be glad when we can keep our nose, out of other countries issues…

    We can’t police the ENTIRE world and nor should we want too…

    That’s why if you have other options, fighting for the military should be the last option…Stay in school and maybe you wouldn’t be going to the govt. for a job/career…


  • always knew

    How can the US tell other people to get rid f their weapons and we dont? I dont think that’s going to happen. We need to MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS…

    If we had done that in the first place, maybe we would still have a surplus, instead of letting a cowboy lead us into war. Then all the future presidents will have to always pick up where the previous one left off..This can’t be good for the long haul….

  • always knew

    Middle Eastern countries have been at war forever.

    I doubt it will end just because we get involved.

    It might actually make it even worse.

  • Charmed Diva


    You sure right. It’s time to get your mind, hearts, and soul right with The Lord. We are in the end times, so, this will just get worse instead of better. If you aren’t familiar with the Bible, please, do get familair with it.

  • white male

    I have a bad feeling and I hope i’m wrong, that Obama will help cause WW3 along with Iran. The 2012 Nostradamus and Mayan calendar situation is looking like it is inevitable.

  • turkishjamaican

    who believes in nostradamus? c mon son!But this war is killing us financially and big companies like halliburton etc.. makin big money !Now have a guess who own those companies???ever heard about tamiflu..yeah medicine against swine the owner and please dont be suprised!!This war is wrong and we cannot win it!!i feel bad for our troops down there ..i been there done that!Wake up ppl…use ur brain and courage to speak out…

  • Jaymes

    MONEY$$$$!!! That’s what this “war” is about. If you think any of this is about 9/11 Terrorism, different idealologies, religion, cathing Osama Bin Laden… please get a clue. This whole mess is about MONEY. I work at an investment bank where I come across documents everyday that show how much money is being made on the war. There are folks sitting around trying to strategize right now on how to make more money frm the war. Whether the US is in Iraq or Afghanistan – a few men and some women too! – Are making crazy money! From construction companies, to the people the clean the tanks, to the folks that build the missles. I just want to say to the powers that be “BE HUMAN!!!! Stop being so freakin’ greedy!!! Our government has been manipulated for too long.” Too much corruption in the world. I hope that Obama can be strong and decisive and that he will do the right thing.

  • http://Bossip Roderick

    The CIA just had a expose on Hist Channel 10.4.09. They spoke of President Bush not supporting a ground movement when they had Bin Laden pinned down at the Pakastiainy border.
    So President Obama has nothing to do with any Failure in Afghanastan. This problem goes way back


    Obama thinks all of you all are nerds

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