US Military Puts Obama on the Chopping Block

- By Bossip Staff

The current US led mission in Afghanistan is facing trouble as the commanders and President Barack Obama have opposing ideas on what should be the US Military’s next move in the Afghan war.Top Military officers would like for the military to have a vast ground force going further into the war while Obama would like for a full vetting of the current strategy eliminating a mass increase of the number of troops sent out to war.  Top military chiefs say that without large numbers, the Afghan war will end in failure.  If President Obama fails to listen to the military advice given and changes the course in Afghanistan, he will be rejecting the advice of the US military, which could potentially raise political stakes.

During his campaign, Obama voiced his opinion on wanting to bring as many troops back home as possible, and if he aids in sending mass numbers out to Afghanistan he could be contradicting his own words making a lot of his supporters angry.

Many say the heated debate over the war is something that should be kept in house and the top priority to keep in mind is to avoid a repeat of the run-up to the Iraq war under former president George W. Bush, when military leaders bowed to The White House demands for a small invasion force and faced disastrous consequences.

With President Barack in the middle and having the last call, it’s a call that we are sure is being  thought out and handled with care.  For some, the fight for our country is necessary and for others it’s a waste.  How do you all feel?

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