Gay: Former Judge Forces Male Prisoners to Do Something Strange for a Sentence Change?!

- By Bossip Staff

Judge Herman Thomas is going on trial today for coaxing inmates out of their cells and into his whip to do gay and freaky stuff with them:

Herman Thomas had an enviable political record as a black Democrat elected and re-elected in a county overwhelmingly white and increasingly Republican. The respected circuit judge once was the Democratic Party’s choice to be the first black federal judge in south Alabama. Then his career collapsed under allegations that he brought inmates to his office and spanked them with a paddle. Later, an indictment accused him of sexually abusing male inmates in exchange… 

… for leniency. The trial on charges of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations is set to start Monday.

The case has shocked his friends and former colleagues. “I’ve always had the highest regard for him. The allegations were a complete surprise to me and everyone else who knew him,” said Bob Edington, a prominent Mobile attorney and former Democratic state senator. Thomas, who was known for wearing distinctive bow ties, stepped down from the bench in 2007 after the allegations of paddling surfaced and just ahead of a judicial ethics trial that could have forced him out of office. He was indicted on the more-serious charges this past spring by a Mobile County grand jury. If convicted of the most serious charges — sodomy and kidnapping — he faces 20 years to life in prison.

The oldest incident in the charges dates back to 1999, his first year as a circuit judge. The first public claim against Thomas surfaced in lawsuits filed by an inmate in 2001 in Mobile circuit court and in federal court that claimed the judge offered to help him with his case in return for sex. Both lawsuits were dismissed, and Thomas’ reputation remained unblemished. Chief Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson said authorities began looking at Thomas after he changed a jail sentence in 2006 for his cousin, former Mobile County school commissioner David Thomas, even though the case was being handled by another judge. Other cases that Thomas had taken over from other judges without their approval soon surfaced, she said.

Some inmates in those cases described being checked out of the jail for meetings with Thomas in his car or in his private office in the county courthouse. First, there were reports of inmates having to pull down their underwear for spankings with a wooden paddle. Then came allegations of oral and anal sex, according to court records.

Jail checkout records back up inmates’ claims about trips to Thomas’ private office, and other inmates spotted marks after paddlings. There also is other evidence, according to court records, including one inmate’s seminal fluid on the office carpet. The inmates also were able to describe in detail Thomas’ unmarked windowless office. Prosecutors say they have 15 current and former male inmates lined up to testify in a trial that could take several weeks.

These are some wild allegations with sickness being at the root of them. SMH.


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  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Not Cool.

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Thats Type Strange.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    He needs to have the book thrown at him for real!

  • Essence

    woooooooooow (like Flava Flav)

  • Balls Deep

    “What the duece!” as Stewie would say.

  • THE TRUTH _ Pretty brown eyes HOT DAM Y UR GIRL GOT A NEW WHIP!!!

    omg omg this is misuse of power at its best. We all know many criminals can do the crime but not the time. so to dangle freedom in a mans face and have him loose his manly hood for freedom is just cruel. Sorry but any real man would of just did the time then get smashed out by some old creep.

  • Ummmmmm....

    Sick and Sad indeed. This fool is married with grown twin daughters…SMH.


    He looks like a weirdo

  • Moreaces - Cowboys are King

    This is one sick turd, give this freak life.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    @ drenk
    I said that to say, I am not surprised. Another day, another weirdo.

  • http://bossip Frederick

    Lawd have mercy!

  • drenk

    AH gotcha, just another symptom of an overall fuct up system

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    …people in high places, often time, abuse their power… nothing new

  • Pookie

    Seems like he being falsely accused here, the fact that he in that powerful position as a black man may have something to do with it. Yeah racism very much exists if the whites feel like they under someone of a different race. Sad but true.

  • Weezy... please no more babies

    OMg..this is so sick..It really saddens me when black ppl in power mess it up…and the fact is im sure that many ..if not all his victims where black man… Smh!! He just made it harder for the next black person that comes through the door to get any respect.. Im in school right now,in hopes of attending law many barriers I come across and concealed racism it really goes to show things have not changed..and when black ppl like this perpetuate the sterotype it just confirms all thier racist thoughts!!!


    @ Weezy

    They did say all the inmates were black men.

  • melo

    He’s a homosexual, what more did you expect from a sexual deviant?

  • Medievalpoetry

    Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to lessen your sentence.

  • lt



    I work in a prison,this is nothing new

  • Choco

    The world need an enema!

  • rose by any other name

    GoodKarma~~~ wassup! they say he made them pull down their pants and he paddle then also, and they ended up with red bruised behinds~` wtf? and he is a Judge, judging other folks ??

  • drenk

    @ Choco

    this jusdge was tryin to do it, tho only 1 tablespoon at a time

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!


    Check ya mail. (you know where)

  • Weezy... please no more babies

    @its just me…
    exactly now you have these black men in jail.. and now along with that you want to disrespect them and humiliate them..yes they are criminals… but at the same time they are ppl..and not every criminal is a cold blooded killer..SO when they go back into society and ppl wonder why they are worst off than b4..well BINGO here is your answer!!!

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