In White Folks News: Jon Gosselin Ganked 200 Stacks From The Family Bank Account

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Kate. SMH….

The split between Jon and Kate Gosselin has been contentious from the beginning, but Jon could be found in contempt of court for the unauthorized withdrawal of $200,000 from the couple’s joint bank account, says Kate Gosselin’s attorney. Celebrity lawyer Marty Singer, a litigation attorney for Kate, says that Jon never warned Kate he was going to remove the large sum of money from their account last week, even though the court had told them not to take significant amounts from joint accounts without the other’s approval. Singer says he e-mailed a stern letter to Jon’s attorney on Friday but he hasn’t heard back.

“They have not responded. I’m sure he will respond by going on another TV show,” says Singer, who noted that Jon’s move flies in the face of comments Jon made to Larry King that he’d like to put the brakes on his divorce. Singer says he expects Kate’s family law attorney in Pennsylvania will go to court Monday morning to suggest Jon be held in contempt. According to Singer, Kate learned about the withdrawal after receiving overdraft notices regarding her joint account with her estranged husband. When she inquired with the bank, she was told Jon had removed $200,000, leaving only about $1,000 in the account.

“Of course she’s upset,” Singer says. The banking fiasco caps an intensely bitter week between the couple, during which their TLC series Jon & Kate Plus Eight suspended production. The move followed the network’s announcement on Sept. 29 that Jon was being dropped from the show, and him saying he wanted to halt the show because it was damaging to his eight children. Calls to Jon’s lawyer were not returned.


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  • My2Cents (Natural Girl)

    Would have assumed the fam had more than that in their account…

  • Old Timer

    Hell, that will cover a few months of child support for that herd of children, he got.

  • Young Obama

    He earned some of that money. If she took the cash it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  • Old Timer

    I’d let him keep the money and give him full custody of those children.

    Everytime that dude went on a date, he’d have 16 feet right with him.

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Damn Thats Foul.
    He’s Been Doing His Family Foul For A While.
    That’s definitely Not Wassuhp.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    He’s a loser. She’s an idiot. FIN.

  • leah

    shes stuipid for having kids with this creep and hes just as low for now supporting his children as any dead beat man

  • HDD

    Kate could so get it. Those kids gotta sleep sometime.

  • Lawd da mercy

    He need that $ for gucci shoes and young hoes JON= stupidity

  • YorkieLover

    Its funny how “the real Jon” is coming out now in the brink of their separation/divorce. Everybody used to blame Kate,but I knew all alone that Jon is trying to recapture his old self or somn like that. He regrets having all those kids and is basically going through an early mid-life crisis. You can tell by the way he would sometimes snap on the kids during the show. And by some of his immature actions.
    I feel bad for Kate. She doesn’t deserve this.


    I DON’T EVEN WANT 1 CHILD NEVERMIND 8!!!!!!???……and this is a classic example of y??????? JUST BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    My2Cents (Natural Girl)

    Would have assumed the fam had more than that in their account…

    He took the money from their personal account. The kids have a seperate account, that’s where all the money is. They were making 50k a episode, no way can the money be gone.

  • drenk

    good work jon you take money from your family in order to buy, smedium ed hardy shirts and coke for youre lil trashy skanks

  • WORD!

    LOL @ Old Timer

  • Whut???

    Any man that would take the food and household money away from his kids – forget about Kate – but his OWN KIDS, is just a low down dog.

  • Mikado7777777

    @Old Timer

    I’d let him keep the money and give him full custody of those children.

    Everytime that dude went on a date, he’d have 16 feet right with him.

    lmao!! Momma is that you??!!

  • 6 Figgas

    Why would you assume they had more money sitting around in a joint bank account? LOL. Even if they haven’t blown most of their stacks on bullsh-t materialism like most Americans would in their position, would it really be fiscally responsible to keep large sums of money in a non-investment account?

    Oh, nevermind…

  • journey

    Lol@ Old timer

  • Miss G

    These people have gotten millions from that show at least 40 million a season and how many seasons have they been on the air? I don’t think 200 stacks will break them. Personally if i was a man I probably would have left her a long time ago. The way she talks to him is a shame. I see why he stepped out on her…it wasn’t because of all them damn kids it was because of her. Like grandma say’s if you kick a dog a too many times one of 2 things will happen, either he is gonna turn around and bite the shyt outta you or he’s gonna run away.

  • lt

    I’m sick of Jon and Kate. Both of them need to focus on their children. They have both gotten greedy and those poor children are the ones suffering.

  • nola

    I feel sorry for kate and the kids. jon is a loser. everyone always blame kate, but i wouldnt be so cheery everyday if i took total responsibiity for 8 kids…jon never stepped up. good thing kate already put money in different accounts that he couldnt touch in the kids names…he woulda try take that tooo…advice for you kate: take him to court, child support, spousal support…

  • Hollaback

    Kate knew damn well John was never an earner but to her he was cute and she wanted “Asian babies” (yes, she really said that). That family train wreck they created has been well on its way to today’s crash. How embarrassing, all their personal and now financial business out in the street. Ladies, please, please, pick better than “cute” and limit the amount of children you have to the amount YOU ALONE can support. This would also apply to mortgages, rent, car payments, credit card debt, etc.

  • kharizma


  • Candy

    Co-sign 6 Figgas!

  • drenk

    @ Nini

    lol you dont want to claim him!!!

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