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Colorado Girl Scouts Can Officially Sell Cookies Outside Of Dispensaries

Seemingly every year, a story comes out that involves at least one girl selling her Girl Scout cookies outside of a dispensary. Everyone always applauds the young woman on their creativity, but the actual Girl Scouts association commonly isn’t too big of fan of said method. Luckily, that’s all changing in Colorado.

On Friday, the Girls Scouts of Colorado announced they would allow its members to sell the delicious treats right outside the state’s various weed dispensaries. The Cannabist reported that the organization had previously prohibited Girl Scouts to set up cookie booths near “adult-oriented” businesses; But now, its officials decided to change the policy for the 2018 cookie season.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado spokesperson AnneMarie Harper said about the change,“(Potential cookie sales) sites are now all treated the same, and approval of those sites is contingent on whether they meet our guidelines and safety requirements. Safety is the biggest concern.”

In order to completely ensure the children’s safety, scout leaders are required to consider several factors when deciding where to sell, including the booth’s distance from the parking lot and roads. Harper explained that it was also necessary for the scouts to get proprietors’ permission before setting up a booth in front of a dispensary or any business, like bars, tattoo parlors, and grocery stores.

Congrats to the people of Colorado for this delicious development.


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