Meet Star Brim, Cardi B’s Best Friend Who Allegedly Leaked Blac Chyna’s “Sex” Tape

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Star Brim Claims To Leak Blac Chyna Tape

If you were on the Twitters on Monday then you know that the internet was going ham over a leaked Blac Chyna sex tape snippet of her fellating a lover. Everyone was wondering where it came from, but wonder no more. A young lady by the name of Star Brim claimed that she leaked the tape because YOLO. But who is she? She might sound familiar because she’s Cardi B’s bestie.

What else do we know? Well, she’s a dancer. She’s got yams and…well…you’re going to want to see the pics. Was it the smartest move to admit to leaking the video? Not at all but who knows. Maybe she has a plan. Either way…take a look at who she is.

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