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Chicken Shortage Leads To KFC Buckets Sold On eBay

It CAN’T be that serious…can it?

According to DailyMail, the bruvs and the peng tings across the pond are in dire need of crispy fried chicken. Not just ANY fried chicken, however, they need those 12 original herbs and spices that KFC uses on their fried fowl.

Apparently things have gotten so desperate that Brits are auctioning off not only the spices, but actual buckets of chicken.

Seller Fruishion, which sells marinades and seasoning mixes online, has listed what is claiming to be the perfect blend of KFC’s famous 12 herbs and spices so that addicted fried chicken lovers can make their own at home.

KFC fans can buy the seasoning mix from £3.29 for a 250g bag up to £49.99 for a 20kg bag.

But if you don’t want to make your own, some cheeky sellers are also selling real pieces of KFC chicken on the auction website for as much as £1,999.

That’s right, for just over $2000 American dollars you can have a bucket of bootleg KFC chicken

Pegasusstoredirect is selling a Mighty Bucket for One Meal for £1,999 – but he does offer to deliver it by hand and re-heat it himself.

The shortage of chicken has hit the United Kingdom hard since February 16. Two-thirds of the country’s KFC’s have closed down due to lack of dem birds.

Which one of you wants to put your money where your mouth is to prove their love of chicken? Bueller?


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